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Award-winning photography in Spokane, WA. Specializing in Senior Portraits, Boudoir, Maternity, Branding, Headshots, and Newborns.

"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful"

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You can see her many awards by scrolling further down or visiting her Portrait Masters Awards page!

Kelly Tareski Photography is a professional Award-Winning photographer in Spokane WA She specializes in Senior Portrait, Family, and Boudoir Photography and has been in the business for over a decade. Kelly Tareski is the owner and lead photographer of the business, and she has over 20 years of experience in the field. Her photography style is described as timeless, classic, and elegant, with a focus on capturing authentic moments and emotions. Kelly Tareski Photography offers a range of photography packages and services, including on-location shoots and studio sessions.

Artistic Portrait Photography

About Kelly Tareski

Here is a little insight into the woman behind the camera your photographer 

I am an artist.  I started my photography career in film photography and have re-branded my style in the digital arena which, without a doubt, has allowed my creative style to flourish.

I am very passionate about my art.  I love the opportunity to work with my clients in helping them exist in beautiful portraits that they are proud to display and boldly proclaim, "This is me"!  You should exist in portraits now for your loved ones to cherish and for future generations to remember.  

My name is Kelly Tareski it is my mission to help you exist in portraiture that you will be proud to display and share

Top Ten Questions to ask a Professional Photographer
Top Ten Questions to ask a Professional Photographer

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Tanner Veillette
Tanner Veillette
23:22 22 May 23
Over the past 10 years, Kelly has been my go to photographer for all my headshot, portrait and family session needs. I like how her studio is on over 5 acres of land and she is always expanding and modifying her venues to create new and unique shooting areas. From the Country/Western Barn doors with the vintage horse trailer, to the Modern Industrial setting, my favorite is 1949 Old Blue Ford in the field. There is also a Vineyard and Tuscany Garden for that Italian or Bohemian look and an old... Cabin for more personal portraits. Kelly's photography style and editing style always amazes me by creating timeless wall art that I know my grandchildren will be able to enjoy without feeling like they are looking at "old pictures".read more
Kelly Sawyer
Kelly Sawyer
03:13 01 Dec 22
I found Kelly by looking online for a photoshoot for my ten year anniversary. Out of all the other options, something drew me to Kelly's business. I called for a free consultation and had an appointment within a day. I met Kelly at her beautiful property and discussed a Be Your Own Beautiful session. I waited until almost the last minute but Kelly put everything together for me and I was in studio the next week.The Be Your Own Beautiful package was amazing! Hair and makeup was included in my... package and made the event even more special. Kelly made me completely comfortable and encouraging with the most professionalism I could imagine. The encouragement from her during the shoot made my photos come out even better than I could have ever imagined.Kelly's eye for creativity and looks is amazing. She can incorporate just about anything in one way or another. Her property is set up with so many indoor and outdoor options for pictures all year round. Everywhere is another option, prop, or piece of art which can be used or incorporated into the shoot.My family just completed our Christmas pictures as well and are in love with them. My toddler was difficult and Kelly went above and beyond to make sure she could capture amazing photos. I foresee Kelly watching Mt family through her lens for years to come.I truly can't thank her enough for everything and I highly recommend ANY woman to contact Kelly for a Be Your Own Beautiful session. You will not regret it!read more
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson
22:16 28 Oct 22
I took my senior pictures with Kelly, and to say I was so happy with these is an understatement. The pictures turned out better than I could ever imagine, and the whole process with hair, makeup and taking the pictures was so amazing! She has so many beautiful options to take pictures at, and I felt very comfortable the whole time. I will definitely be going back if I ever need pictures taken for any event!
Kelli Slater
Kelli Slater
02:30 07 Oct 22
Words cant express how happy we are with our daughters senior pictures. Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. The studio grounds were breathtaking. She and her grew have put a lot of time and energy into the space making for a ton of different picture ideas. Kelly's relaxed approach made it very comfortable for my daughter she enjoyed the experience. She really loved the changing room. I can't wait to use her again for family photos. Highly satisfied.
Karen Hohenthal
Karen Hohenthal
23:32 26 Jul 22
In a day and age where professional photographers seem to be everywhere, Kelly Tareski rises above and beyond. She is constantly perfecting her craft with new sets, new props, an innate eye for lighting, and advanced editing skills. Maybe most importantly, she makes every client feel uniquely comfortable and photogenic! She truly believes every individual is beautiful and always has a way of capturing that beauty in a still image. Book a session with Kelly and you wont be disappointed. I am... someone who always feels nervous to have my photo taken, and every session with Kelly has left me feeling like I didnt want it to end!read more
Anna Mia Kositzin
Anna Mia Kositzin
00:22 20 Jul 22
Kelly is an amazing photographer! I met her about a year ago to do a boudoir shoot and she has been my go-to ever since. She recently did my maternity pictures and the sneak peak blew me away. Kelly is patient, kind, funny and lots of fun to shoot with. Her property, where she shoots at, is absolutely stunning. She has so many different styles to choose from and she has endless ideas about what would work. Kelly is the best there is!
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Five things to consider

Back in the days of film photography, the options for photographers was limited to just a few “Studios” that had cornered the market, so to speak, and your style choices were limited to whichever photographer happened to be on call the day of your shoot.

With the advent of digital photography, your choices of photographers in Spokane has become exponentially larger so choosing a photographer has, without a doubt, become a daunting task. This new found mission can take hours of research and diligence on your part to find that “just right” fit for your vision of how you want future generations to see you.

Let me give you just a few things to consider to help you along in your undertaking. 


This isn’t just a tagline it should be the primary basis of your decision that’s why I’ve put it first. Photography is an art and like with any other artist it takes time to develop the skill and aptitude for the craft. Anyone can pick up a digital camera and shoot pictures but do they have the eye for the shot? Do they take the complete environment into consideration before pushing the button? Most of the best photographers in the industry honed their skills in film photography. That was a different time when you had 24 or 36 opportunities (number of frames available on a film roll) to get that perfect pose needed to capture that moment in time.


Why is this important? Think about this. A photographer that has invested in their equipment, has invested in you. Photographers that have invested in their equipment are serious about their art. Many say that It’s not the camera that takes the picture it’s the photographer but think about it this way. If a landscaper shows up to a job with just a pick and a shovel and driving an old beat up truck…. would you expect the quality to of your project to suffer? Same with photography. The photographer who shows up with a kit camera they bought from Best Buy for $499 hasn’t invested in one of the most critical aspects of the shoot. Quality equipment contributes to quality results.


Where and when will my pictures be taken? A lot of thought needs to be put into where and when you will be doing your photo session. Atmosphere and time of day are also critical aspects to be considered. Will you be in a hurry? Inside? Outside? Take the time to research where your photographer plans to take your pictures. Ask if you will be using backdrops or real props. A good photographer will have many options to choose from and give you flexibility for timing your photo shoot. Early mornings and late afternoons are ideal lighting when doing outdoor photography.


Does your photographer edit your photos? What do they use to edit? Again this lends itself to the quality of the session. If your photographer does “light retouching” what does that mean? Ask questions. Without a doubt, Photoshop is the professional photographer’s choice for editing. It is a time-consuming process to edit in Photoshop but it speaks volumes to the photographer’s commitment to you as a client. The time you spend in front of a camera is paled by the amount of time a professional photographer will take to edit your photos. Remember a quality professional photographer is proud of every piece of art they produce so spending the time it takes to get that result is of tantamount importance. Steer clear of the photographer who tells you that your images will be ready tomorrow!


Yes, this is an important thing to consider but as you can see I put it last on the list. It should be your LAST deciding factor not your first. Stated simply…you get what you pay for. Facebook is filled with pages and pages of photographers that will do your photo shoot for $150.00 (or even less) and give you a disk full of images. Chances are pretty high that those same photographers will be missing all or most of 1-4 of this list. A top-notch professional photographer will have the experience, equipment, and skills needed to produce high-quality art that you will pass down from generation to generation. These same photographers will charge accordingly for the art they have created and you will receive heirloom quality works of art that will last for generations.

More about Kelly Tareski Photography

"Kelly Tareski Photography - Award-winning photography in Spokane, WA, that specializes in a variety of photography services, including high school senior portraits, Boudoir, family portraits, maternity photography, and commercial photography. Kelly Tareski is the owner and lead photographer of the business, and she has over 20 years of experience in the field.

"Kelly Tareski's photography style is characterized by bright, vibrant colors and a natural, candid approach to capturing her subjects. She aims to create images that are both beautiful and authentic, and she works closely with her clients to understand their vision and to tailor her approach to their specific needs."

"Overall, Kelly Tareski Photography is a well-respected and experienced photography business in the Spokane area, and Kelly Tareski herself has a reputation for producing high-quality, beautiful images that capture the essence of her subjects."


Senior Portraits Spokane WA

In terms of Senior Portraits, Kelly Tareski offers a variety of packages that include digital images, prints, and albums. She offers both outdoor and studio sessions, and she works with her clients to choose locations and outfits that will best showcase their personalities and style.

"Kelly's senior portrait photography is known for its unique and creative style. She works closely with each client to create a personalized experience and ensure that their personality and style shine through in their photos. Her goal is to capture the essence of each senior, creating images that are both beautiful and meaningful."


Family Portraits Spokane WA

"When it comes to family portrait photography, Kelly works closely with each client to create a personalized experience. She understands that every family is unique, and she strives to capture the essence of each family's personality and dynamic in her photos. Her goal is to create images that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and tell a story about the family. Kelly offers both indoor and outdoor family portrait sessions, depending on the client's preference. She uses natural light and a mix of posed and candid shots to create a diverse and visually appealing collection of images."


Boudoir Photography Spokane WA

"Kelly takes a professional and respectful approach to Boudoir photography, ensuring that her clients feel comfortable and empowered throughout the process. She works closely with each client to understand their vision and create a personalized experience that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Kelly's boudoir photography sessions are typically held in a private studio, and she uses a mix of natural and artificial light to create a soft and flattering look. She also provides guidance and coaching to help her clients feel confident and comfortable during the shoot."


Branding and Headshots Photography Spokane WA

"Kelly's Branding and Headshot sessions are personalized to each client's needs and preferences. She works closely with each client to understand their goals and create a customized experience that meets their individual needs. She also provides guidance on clothing, makeup, and posing to ensure that her clients look their best in their photos."

"Kelly uses a mix of natural and artificial light to create a bright and clean look in her branding and headshot photos. She also provides retouching services to ensure that each image is polished and professional-looking."


Maternity Photography Spokane WA

"Kelly's maternity photography sessions are typically held in a natural and comfortable setting, such as her outdoor venues or on-site rustic cabin, depending on the client's preference. She uses a mix of natural and artificial light to create a soft and flattering look and provides guidance on clothing, posing, and other details to ensure that each client looks and feels their best.

Kelly's goal is to capture the essence of each client's pregnancy and create images that are both beautiful and meaningful. She understands that pregnancy is a special and unique time in a woman's life and strives to create images that will be treasured for years to come."


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