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Nestled just a short drive from the bustling city of Spokane in the serene setting of Nine Mile Falls, WA, Kelly Tareski Photography offers a unique and enchanting experience for both professional photographers and individuals seeking the perfect portrait session. Distinguished by our blend of charming indoor studios and expansive outdoor venues, this location promises more than just a photoshoot; it's a journey into a world where creativity meets natural beauty. With over 15 years of loving craftsmanship poured into each space, every corner tells a story, inviting you to be part of our ongoing narrative.

The Unique Charm of Kelly Tareski Photography

My commitment to authenticity and continuous evolution lies at the heart of Kelly Tareski Photography. Each studio and outdoor space has been meticulously hand-built, offering genuine structures that provide an unparalleled backdrop for photography. Over 15 years, these venues have been carefully developed, with new additions and improvements being a constant feature. Every year, we unveil over 50,000 square feet of new, picturesque spaces, ensuring that our venues remain fresh and exciting for repeat visitors. Located conveniently near Spokane, our studios offer a tranquil escape in Nine Mile Falls, WA, combining accessibility with the allure of a secluded haven.

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Venue Building Progress Photos

The Greenhouse Studio and Venue at Kelly Tareski Photography

The Industrial Garden Gate

The Apiary (Bee Barn and Honey Hut)

The Chicken Coop Aviary (Chicken Chalet' and Egg Emporium)

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Nestled a mere stone's throw from the vibrant city of Spokane, within the tranquil embrace of Nine Mile Falls, WA, Kelly Tareski Photography beckons with an enchanting experience tailored for both seasoned professionals and individuals yearning for the ideal portrait session. Our haven is distinguished by a harmonious fusion of quaint indoor studios and vast outdoor vistas, transcending the mere confines of a typical photoshoot to embark on a captivating journey where creativity intertwines seamlessly with nature's splendor. Over the span of 15 years, our spaces have been meticulously crafted with a love for the art, each corner imbued with its own unique tale, warmly inviting you to become an integral part of our enduring narrative.

Our Commitment

At the core of Kelly Tareski Photography is the steadfast dedication to authenticity and perpetual growth. Every studio and outdoor enclave is painstakingly handcrafted, embodying genuine structures that serve as unparalleled canvases for photography. Over a span of 15 years, these venues have undergone meticulous development, marked by a continuous stream of new additions and enhancements. Annually, we unveil over 50,000 square feet of fresh, picturesque spaces, ensuring that our venues retain an air of novelty and intrigue for returning visitors. Conveniently nestled near Spokane, our studios offer a serene refuge in the embrace of Nine Mile Falls, WA, seamlessly merging accessibility with the allure of an idyllic sanctuary.

Indoor Studios: A World of Creativity

The White Studio

The White Studio is a canvas of simplicity and elegance. Its pristine white walls and ample natural light offer a bright and airy space, ideal for creating a variety of moods and themes.

The Grey Studio

Characterized by its subtle, muted tones, The Grey Studio provides a sophisticated backdrop. This studio is perfect for those who seek a touch of modernity and class in their photographs.

The Old Cabin Studio

Stepping into The Old Cabin Studio is like traveling back in time. Its rustic appeal, highlighted by natural wood textures, makes it an exceptional choice for thematic photography that requires a touch of history and warmth.

The Apothecary Studio

The Apothecary Studio is a journey into a whimsical world. With its thematic elements and unique props, it's an ideal space for creative minds looking to craft story-driven imagery.

The Greenhouse Studio

Bathed in natural light and surrounded by lush greenery, The Greenhouse Studio is a breath of fresh air. It's particularly suitable for photographers who wish to blend indoor comfort with the essence of the outdoors.

The Great Outdoors: An Expanse of Natural Beauty

The outdoor venues at Kelly Tareski Photography span an impressive 5 acres, with over 3 acres dedicated to stunning flower gardens. The authentic vineyard adds a touch of rustic elegance, perfect for romantic and serene photography. The apiary and beautifully crafted chicken coop offer unique backdrops, infusing a sense of rural charm into your photographs. Photographers and clients alike will delight in exploring the mile of gravel pathways, discovering new perspectives and picturesque settings at every turn.

Ideal for Every Photographer and Client

Whether you're a professional photographer looking for diverse settings or someone seeking the perfect spot for a portrait session, Kelly Tareski Photography caters to a wide array of needs. The versatility of the studios and outdoor venues makes them apt for various photography styles, from classic portraiture to avant-garde thematic shoots.

Why Choose Kelly Tareski Photography Venues?

Choosing Kelly Tareski Photography venues means stepping into a realm where every detail is designed with photography in mind. The blend of indoor and outdoor options, the authenticity of hand-built structures, and the continuous addition of new spaces make these venues unparalleled. It's not just a location but an experience, constantly evolving, just like the art of photography itself.

Unique Photography Opportunities at Every Turn

Exquisite Indoor Options

Each of the five indoor studios at Kelly Tareski Photography has been crafted with a unique theme and ambiance, offering a diverse range of settings. From the minimalistic elegance of the White Studio to the rustic charm of the Old Cabin Studio, these spaces provide an array of creative possibilities. Photographers can explore various lighting conditions, from the soft, natural light of the Greenhouse Studio to the controlled environment of the Grey Studio, ensuring every session can be tailored to specific artistic visions.

A Vast Outdoor Canvas

The outdoor venues are nothing short of a photographer's paradise. Spanning five acres, the grounds include meticulously maintained flower gardens, providing a kaleidoscope of colors and textures throughout the seasons. The authentic vineyard offers a romantic and timeless backdrop, ideal for couple sessions or artistic projects. The apiary and chicken coop add a unique, rustic touch to the scenery, perfect for adding character to any photo. With a mile of gravel pathways meandering through the property, every step presents a new opportunity for discovery and inspiration.


Endless Possibilities for Creativity

The versatility of Kelly Tareski Photography's venues means that no two photo sessions are ever the same. Whether you are a professional photographer scouting for the perfect location or someone looking to capture a special moment in a unique setting, these venues offer endless possibilities. The continuous expansion and development of the property ensure a fresh and exciting experience with every visit.

A Venue Steeped in Passion and Craftsmanship

The hand-built nature of the venues at Kelly Tareski Photography is a testament to the passion and dedication that has gone into their creation. Each structure, pathway, and garden has been lovingly crafted, offering a sense of authenticity and care that cannot be replicated. This attention to detail is evident in every photograph taken on the property, adding depth and character to the images.

Conveniently Located Near Spokane

Despite its tranquil and secluded feel, Kelly Tareski Photography is conveniently located just a short drive from Spokane in Nine Mile Falls, WA. This accessibility makes it an ideal location for both local residents and those visiting the area, combining the serenity of a rural retreat with the convenience of city proximity.

That's a Wrap!

Kelly Tareski Photography offers more than just photography venues; it provides an immersive experience where creativity, nature, and craftsmanship converge. With a blend of indoor and outdoor settings, each with its own unique character, photographers and clients alike can find the perfect backdrop for any style or theme. The continuous development and expansion of the venues ensure that Kelly Tareski Photography remains a dynamic and inspiring location for all photography needs. Whether capturing a moment, telling a story, or creating art, these venues provide the perfect canvas for your vision.