Step into the Dramatic Grey Studio

Step into the Dramatic Grey Studio

Step into the Dramatic Grey Studio of Kelly Tareski Photography

Hey everyone Step into the Dramatic Grey Studio! Kelly Tareski, the creative mind behind Kelly Tareski Photography, here! I'd love to talk to you about my dramatic grey studio and how I use it to create amazing photos that you won't find anywhere else. Are you ready for this? Let’s go!


Walking into my dramatic grey studio can take your breath away - it's that gorgeous! The color grey is often associated with neutral, dull, or even melancholy. However, in my studio, this is far from the truth. My studio is a refreshing blend of modern and classic, with a hint of drama thrown in. The grey walls offer the perfect canvas that allows me to play with colors, lights, shadows, and reflections like no other colors can. The brick wall and steel accents add a touch of "industrial" to the studio. This makes the "Grey Room" a one-of-a-kind studio space in Spokane.


I use my grey studio to create different types of photography - from senior portraits to maternity, newborn, family, and even boudoir. The grey backdrop is perfect for creating high-contrast black and white photos, edgy editorial-style images, and bold and vibrant hues. Whether I'm using natural or artificial lighting, my grey studio always gives me the exact look and feel I’m going for.

Natural Light and Studio Lighting

One of the features I love about the studio is the large windows that let in natural sunlight. This type of lighting creates an ethereal atmosphere, perfect for capturing those dreamy, romantic shots. When working with natural light, I love to use reflectors to bounce the light around and create even more dimension in the shot. Additionally, my studio is equipped with an assortment of professional-grade lighting rigs, softboxes, and diffusers to get those picture-perfect shots every time.


Another thing that sets my studio apart is the fact that I always make sure my clients feel comfortable and supported from start to finish. Many people feel anxious or even awkward in front of the camera, but I always strive to help them feel at ease and relaxed. I believe that this is key to capturing stunning photos - when people feel comfortable and happy, their personalities shine through!

That's a Wrap!

My grey studio is more than just a place to take pictures; it's an extension of my creative vision, a space where I can bring my imagination to life. This studio is an integral part of the Kelly Tareski Photography experience, where I strive to deliver the best quality images and experiences for my clients. Whether you're a senior looking to capture your personality, a newlywed couple wanting to celebrate your love story, or a family hoping to capture the perfect shot, my grey studio is ready to work its magic. Come and check it out for yourself!

Step into the Dramatic Grey Studio

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