Being a Photographer in Washington State - Spokane

Being a Photographer in Washington State - Spokane

Hey everyone! As a professional photographer, I am absolutely in love with the opportunities and breathtaking beauty that Washington State has to offer. Being based out of Spokane, WA I have had the privilege to explore some of the most unbelievable landscapes on a regular basis. From lush forests offering epic backdrops to mountain peaks that are begging you to explore them - no matter where your adventures may lead in our beautiful state, there is always an opportunity for stunning photography moments waiting to be taken advantage of! In my blog post today, I will go into more detail about what it's like being a photographer here in Spokane and all over Washington State.

Introducing myself, a professional photographer in Spokane, WA

Hi there, I'm Kelly, a professional photographer based in Spokane, WA. I’ve always been fascinated by capturing the world around me through the lens of my camera. Whether it's a breathtaking landscape view or a candid shot of a person, I strive to bring out the emotion and beauty in every photograph I take. My journey as a professional photographer has taken me around the world, but I am always drawn back to my hometown of Spokane. Here, I am able to utilize the gorgeous natural surroundings to create stunning works of art that truly capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my creativity and passion for photography with you. Let's work together to bring your vision to life through stunning and timeless photographs.

Why I chose to pursue a career in photography and how it has been so rewarding

From a young age, I always had a fascination with the art of capturing moments and images through a camera lens. As I grew older, I realized that my passion could be more than just a hobby - I could turn it into a career. Pursuing photography as a full-time job has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The ability to freeze memories in time and craft a story from a series of photographs is truly an incredible feeling. Seeing the joy and satisfaction on clients' faces after delivering their final images is what motivates me to keep pursuing this career. It's not always easy - early mornings, late nights, and the constant pursuit of new and creative ideas can be challenging. But the rewards of working in photography - both personal and professional - make it an endlessly fulfilling choice.

The unique landscape of Washington State makes it perfect for stunning photographs.

Washington State boasts a diverse range of landscapes that have captured the hearts of photographers from around the world. From the rolling hills of the Palouse to the rugged peaks of the Cascade Mountains, this state offers a wealth of natural scenery that makes it perfect for breathtaking photographs. One area in particular that is sure to wow any photography enthusiast is Spokane, nestled in the eastern part of the state. With its mix of urban and natural landscapes, Spokane offers a unique backdrop for capturing stunning images. Its downtown skyline is set against the Spokane River and surrounding hills, providing a dynamic contrast of city and nature. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, you'll find no shortage of inspiration in the beautiful landscapes of Washington State.

The types of photography I specialize in and why I enjoy them so much

When it comes to photography, I've found that I specialize in a few particular areas that I truly enjoy. Senior portraits are definitely one of my favorites, as I love being able to capture that special moment in a student's life as they prepare to make their way into the world. Family photography is another one that I take a lot of pleasure in, as there's something magical about rendering moments that family will cherish forever. Boudoir photography might surprise some, but I love providing women with the chance to feel empowered and beautiful. Finally, headshots are crucial for professionals and I take pride in capturing a person's best professional self. These types of photography all have their own unique rewards, but the one thing they have in common for me is my passion and enjoyment in capturing special moments and creating beautiful images.

Examples of my work and talking about some of my favorite shots

As a photographer, nothing brings me more joy than sharing my work with others. From capturing moments of sheer joy to preserving visual memories for clients, each photo holds a special place in my heart. One of my favorite shots was taken during an engagement shoot on the coast, where the sun was setting, casting a warm glow over the couple as they embraced. The image perfectly encapsulated the love and happiness they shared in that moment, and it remains one of the most cherished photos I have taken. Another favorite of mine is a portrait of a young woman I met while traveling in Ireland. The rolling green hills were a perfect backdrop for some amazing shots. These are just a few examples of the countless photos I have taken throughout my career that hold a special place in my heart.

What people can expect when they hire me for a session.

When you book a session with me, be ready to step into a world that's full of natural beauty and rustic charm. My 3 Acres of garden venues are the perfect backdrop for any photo shoot you have in mind. You'll love the vintage backdrops that lend an air of sophistication and nostalgia to your pictures. But what really sets my sessions apart are my old trucks, which add a unique character and flair to your shots. Whether you're looking for family portraits or professional headshots, I'll help you capture moments that are as special and unique as you are. So if you're ready to step into a world of rustic charm and natural beauty, book your session with me today!

That's a Wrap!

To sum up, I have been a professional photographer in the Spokane area for many years and have been lucky enough to call myself an artist. As someone who loves the beauty of Washington State, I find photographing its diverse landscapes so gratifying - whether it's in the wildest areas or near urban settings. My experience in digital and traditional photography always ensures that my clients get beautiful, timeless photos that they will treasure for years. Specializing in Senior portraits, commercial headshots, and families gives me tremendous satisfaction as I am able to capture special moments and tell important stories through these mediums. Everything I do is driven by my passion for creating awesome images - something evident in the examples of my work above. If you're looking for an experienced photographer to document your special day or create meaningful visuals, then look no further - contact Kelly Tareski Photography today!

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