Senior Photo Session with Gage from Lakeside

Senior Photo Session with Gage from Lakeside


A Fantastic Senior Photo Session with Gage from Lakeside High School:

Capturing the Spirit of Youth, Love for Archery, Rifle Hunting, and Family at Kelly Tareski Photography

Here we go!

Senior Photo Session with Gage from Lakeside - As a professional photographer, I always feel privileged to document the milestones in people's lives. One of my favorite types of sessions is senior photo shoots, where I can capture the essence of a young person transitioning into adulthood. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Gage, a remarkable student from Lakeside High School, for his senior photo session. This experience was nothing short of fantastic. I am excited to share the details of our time at Kelly Tareski Photography, mainly how we incorporated Gage's passion for archery, rifle hunting, and his close bond with his family into the session.

Preparation and Collaboration

Before the session, I met with Gage and his family to discuss their vision for the photo shoot. We discussed the locations, outfits, and overall style they wanted to incorporate into the session. Understanding Gage's interests and personality was essential to create images that genuinely reflected who he is. This collaboration allowed us to plan a personalized and unique senior photo session that would result in images Gage and his family would cherish for years.

The Session: Showcasing Gage's Love for Archery, Rifle Hunting, and Family

On the day of the session, we began by exploring the various settings available at our five-acre studio grounds. We chose several garden venues and vintage backdrops that complement Gage's style. Throughout the session, Gage showcased his unique personality, and it was evident that he felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera.


Gage's love for archery and rifle hunting played a significant role in the session, and we incorporated these passions into the images. We set up a scene in a wooded area of the studio grounds, where Gage posed with his bow and arrows. The natural setting beautifully highlighted Gage's connection to the outdoors and provided an authentic backdrop for showcasing his archery skills.


To incorporate Gage's passion for rifle hunting, we included some shots of him holding his rifle and surrounded by the lush foliage of our studio grounds. These images captured the essence of Gage's love for the outdoors and his dedication to the sport of hunting.

Mom and Sis

Another important aspect of the session was including Gage's mother and sister in some of the photographs. Their close-knit bond and shared passion for the outdoors made for beautiful family portraits. We captured candid moments of them laughing together and more formal poses showcasing their strong family ties. These images added a heartwarming and personal touch to Gage's senior photo collection.

The Result: Stunning and Authentic Images:

As we moved through the session, it was clear that Gage's confidence and enthusiasm translated into stunning images. From casual, candid shots to more posed and polished portraits, each photograph captured a different aspect of Gage's personality, interests, and close relationship with his family. The various settings and themes we incorporated allowed for a diverse and visually engaging collection of images representing Gage's unique senior year experience.

The Reveal:

Gage and his family were thrilled with the results when they viewed the final images. The photographs captured the spirit of Gage's high school years, his passion for archery, rifle hunting, and his special bond with his mother and sister. They now have a beautiful collection of memories to look back on as he embarks on the next chapter of his life.

We had a blast!

Working with Gage from Lakeside High School for his senior photo session at Kelly Tareski Photography was a fantastic experience. Our collaboration and planning, coupled with Gage's vibrant personality, passion for archery, rifle hunting, and close family ties, resulted in stunning and authentic images that will be cherished for years. As a photographer, I am grateful for the opportunity to document these significant moments and milestones in people's lives, and I look forward to continuing to capture the spirit of youth for many more seniors in the future.


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