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Maternity Boudoir Photography Spokane WA

Maternity Boudoir Photography Spokane WA


It’s a real thing

Maternity boudoir photography Spokane WA. I know what you may be thinking. “Is this a real thing??” The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY! Is your body in the “ideal” perfect shape? No. But in my opinion, the fact that you are caring for a human inside of you does, in fact, mean that it IS in perfect shape! Women were built to do this. This is one thing that we can do that no man can. And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

You are Beautiful

I hear many women complain about how miserable they are when they are full-term or how anxious they are to get their bodies back to normal. Then after the baby is born, most seem actually to miss their pregnant body. I think pregnancy affects our hormones and just health in general (nausea, backaches, heartburn, etc.) so much that we don’t even realize what a beautiful thing it is and how beautiful our bodies are.

It's a miracle

Every extra pound of weight and every additional curve we gain solidifies how physically strong we are for being capable of doing something so miraculous. We should try to make time to embrace the beauty of the process and remind ourselves of how badass we are as women.

What about my body?

A maternity boudoir session is a FABULOUS way to do this! Think about it this way. Ignore the fact that you have extra weight on your body. Please focus on the benefits of pregnancy when it comes to your body. For starters, those breasts are filled out nicely and perfectly shaped. Also, prenatal vitamins are GREAT for hair and nails, so they are likely on point. And everyone knows that pregnant women have that certain glow about them. And lastly, that baby belly! It is such a beautiful thing that will not last forever. This is the perfect combination for a maternity boudoir session!

Am I Sexy?

You can be a mom-to-be and still be sexy! Not only will a session like this give you a confidence boost on those days you are tired of that body and want it to be over with. But it is also a fantastic way to get gorgeous images of such a special time in your life. It will remind you of how strong you are. It will remind you of the bond you made with that child before they even arrived. And that is only something only YOU can do!

Celebrate your sexy.

Do yourself a favor, take some time during that long pregnancy, and treat yourself to a unique experience to get you images you will surely cherish for a lifetime! Maternity boudoir photography Spokane WA


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