About Kelly Tareski Photography

Kelly Tareski Photography offers a unique one of a kind venue with a multitude of studio and backdrop options in one beautiful location. From old vehicles to handmade backdrops, the diversity of settings and studios will appeal to everyone. Kelly Tareski Photography’s venue is in a quiet rural area just a few minutes west of Spokane City limits providing a stress-free and relaxing environment that will have you wondering what happened to the time. The variety of backdrops and settings are second to none and are designed to meet even the most discerning of tastes. Feel free to peruse the galleries to get a feel of the settings and props that will be available to help us create that one-of-a-kind family memory or the most unique senior portrait in the yearbook.

Spokane's Premier Photography Studio

Session Fees

No-Obligation Consultation

You are cordially invited to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

The consultation will give me the opportunity to better understand how you would like to be photographed and we can explore ideas together such as wardrobe, styling, hair and makeup options and so much more.

This will allow me to answer all of your questions face to face as we get to know each other prior to your portrait session with Kelly Tareski Photography.

Additionally, I will give you a tour of my indoor studios, my hair and makeup studio and the many outdoor venues available. You will also be able to see all of the many print products I offer.

You can conveniently schedule your free no-obligation consultation below.

What To Expect

Each client is important to me and deserves my attention to detail and style. The session fee includes the time and talent of your photographer, at her exclusive venue in Nine Mile Falls. I will choose the best images from your session and hand edit each one in my artistic style for viewing at your reveal session. At your reveal session, you will place your order for wall art and print products. No minimum purchase requirement. You only purchase exactly what you want. Sales are final due to the custom nature of the artwork.

Basic Session


  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • One Hour studio/photographer time
  • Two wardrobe changes
  • Hair and Makeup not included
  • 6-10 proofs to select from at reveal appointment

Classic Session


  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • Up to 90 Minutes studio/photographer time
  • Three Wardrobe Looks
  • Hair and Makeup not included.
  • 15-20 proofs to select from at reveal appointment

Luxe Session


  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • Three hours studio/photographer time
  • Four - Six wardrobe looks
  • Hair and Makeup included for one person, three styled looks
  • 25-30 proofs to select from at reveal appointment

Headshot Package


  • Pre-Session Consultation
  • One Hour Studio/photographer time
  • Two wardrobe looks
  • Five edited portraits in the Diamond Folio Box
  • USB drive with Social and Print files with print release
  • Everything included for one price ($1750.00 Value)
Great for Branding!

Fine Print

*Session dates and times can be reserved at your no-obligation consultation but will only be confirmed upon full payment of session invoice. Dates are considered open until payment is received. 

*We will schedule your reveal session before you leave on the day of your shoot, within 7-14 days. Reveal session are only scheduled on weekdays. Product order will be placed at this time. All decision-makers in the purchasing of products must attend the reveal session. Additional reveal sessions (if needed) can be scheduled but will incur a fee.

Session fees include the time, talent, experience and training of your photographer, pre-session styling consultation to plan your wardrobe, fully guided portrait session, and your Reveal appointment where you will see your fully edited proof gallery and have the opportunity to purchase exactly what you want.   It also includes full use of my venue, props and gowns.

No, the print release I will provide you with if you have purchased digital files allows you to print those images for personal use only up to 8 x 10 in size. The exception to this rule is if you have purchased images for commercial use, then I will provide you with a print release for commercial use. Kelly Tareski Photography retains all copyrights to the images. Your release does not include permission to modify, sell or enter the images in any contests without my written consent.

This is totally in your control. I will show you a gallery of proofs at your reveal session and you can order as many as you want in the sizes you want. On average, my clients spend $1200 - $1800  at their reveal session on print and digital products.

With every image you choose for print products, I will include a digital file of that image for social sharing that includes my professional watermark. These files are sized specifically for social sharing on the web (ie: Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, etc.) and cannot be printed nor do you have permission to attempt to print them. Kelly Tareski Photography retains all copyrights to these digital files and they may not be modified in anyway with filters, overlays, text, etc. They may be shared as I deliver them to you only and my professional watermark must be visible and not cropped or altered in any way.

You may purchase printable digital files with a print release for personal or commercial use separately.  However, some of the collections offered include both the social sharing files as well as the corresponding printable version with print release for personal use.

You put your trust in me when you booked your session based on testimonials, images you’ve seen of my work and referrals. I ask that you continue to trust me and know that I will pick the best shots from your session to share with you at the reveal. These images will reflect you in the best way possible, my unique style and come in a wonderful variety.  Depending on which session you chose, the proof gallery that you will see at your reveal appointment will consist of 10 - 30  fully edited portraits.

Basic Session:  6 - 10 proofs    Classic Session:  15 - 20 proofs    Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful:  25 - 30 proofs


Great question, and it really depends on the type of session we will be shooting.   Natural light outdoor portraits I prefer to shoot during the “golden hours” of the day. Which is just after sunrise and just before sunset. I understand that not everyone is available during those special lighting moments. So the next best thing is to schedule early to mid-morning or late afternoon. We also have three indoor studios that allow us to shoot at any time of day or any weather conditions. All options will be discussed during your pre-session consultation. 

This is totally subjective to the session you would like to book. We have three indoor studios and an endless variety of outdoor venues to choose from. All indoor and outdoor options will be discussed during your pre-session consultation.

If you are planning for an outdoor session, I watch the weather closely, especially during traditional wet seasons.  A little sprinkle or light snow shower will not stop your session as scheduled.  However, If I feel a weather event is inevitable that will disrupt your session I will do my best to reschedule your session as quickly as possible.  If a severe weather event happens during your session and we need to stop in the middle, we will schedule another session as quickly as possible at no additional cost to complete your photo session.  Our neck of the woods has some traditional wet seasons, and I recommend you plan ahead by bringing proper attire to stay warm in between setups and an umbrella to help you stay dry and not cause havoc on your hairstyle..

I am happy to go to another location that you have selected, depending on the distance to your location there may be a travel fee.

Well for obvious reason the quick answer is no. I will on occasion allow a behind the scene cell phone pic for social sharing and Kelly Tareski Photography must be tagged on the image posted.

Your session fee includes a pre-session style consultation where we will take the time to plan your wardrobe concepts.  We will discuss necklines, sleeve styles, colors, etc.  We will plan for the look and feel of how you want to be photographed.   In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind. Keep it classic, so you don’t “date” your images, you’ll want to keep them timeless.  Don’t try to “match”, just coordinate.  Avoid stripes and bold prints.  If we are doing a location session, dress in layers when possible, location shoots don’t always have a place to change your clothes other than your car.  Most importantly, wear clothes that you feel good in and are comfortable.  You will be more relaxed during your session if you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

Five things to consider

Back in the days of film photography, the options for photographers was limited to just a few “Studios” that had cornered the market, so to speak, and your style choices were limited to whichever photographer happened to be on call the day of your shoot.

With the advent of digital photography, your choices of photographers in Spokane has become exponentially larger so choosing a photographer has, without a doubt, become a daunting task. This new found mission can take hours of research and diligence on your part to find that “just right” fit for your vision of how you want future generations to see you.

Let me give you just a few things to consider to help you along in your undertaking. 


This isn’t just a tagline it should be the primary basis of your decision that’s why I’ve put it first. Photography is an art and like with any other artist it takes time to develop the skill and aptitude for the craft. Anyone can pick up a digital camera and shoot pictures but do they have the eye for the shot? Do they take the complete environment into consideration before pushing the button? Most of the best photographers in the industry honed their skills in film photography. That was a different time when you had 24 or 36 opportunities (number of frames available on a film roll) to get that perfect pose needed to capture that moment in time.


Why is this important? Think about this. A photographer that has invested in their equipment, has invested in you. Photographers that have invested in their equipment are serious about their art. Many say that It’s not the camera that takes the picture it’s the photographer but think about it this way. If a landscaper shows up to a job with just a pick and a shovel and driving an old beat up truck…. would you expect the quality to of your project to suffer? Same with photography. The photographer who shows up with a kit camera they bought from Best Buy for $499 hasn’t invested in one of the most critical aspects of the shoot. Quality equipment contributes to quality results.


Where and when will my pictures be taken? A lot of thought needs to be put into where and when you will be doing your photo session. Atmosphere and time of day are also critical aspects to be considered. Will you be in a hurry? Inside? Outside? Take the time to research where your photographer plans to take your pictures. Ask if you will be using backdrops or real props. A good photographer will have many options to choose from and give you flexibility for timing your photo shoot. Early mornings and late afternoons are ideal lighting when doing outdoor photography.


Does your photographer edit your photos? What do they use to edit? Again this lends itself to the quality of the session. If your photographer does “light retouching” what does that mean? Ask questions. Without a doubt, Photoshop is the professional photographer’s choice for editing. It is a time-consuming process to edit in Photoshop but it speaks volumes to the photographer’s commitment to you as a client. The time you spend in front of a camera is paled by the amount of time a professional photographer will take to edit your photos. Remember a quality professional photographer is proud of every piece of art they produce so spending the time it takes to get that result is of tantamount importance. Steer clear of the photographer who tells you that your images will be ready tomorrow!


Yes, this is an important thing to consider but as you can see I put it last on the list. It should be your LAST deciding factor not your first. Stated simply…you get what you pay for. Facebook is filled with pages and pages of photographers that will do your photo shoot for $150.00 (or even less) and give you a disk full of images. Chances are pretty high that those same photographers will be missing all or most of 1-4 of this list. A top-notch professional photographer will have the experience, equipment, and skills needed to produce high-quality art that you will pass down from generation to generation. These same photographers will charge accordingly for the art they have created and you will receive heirloom quality works of art that will last for generations.