How to Dress for a Family Photography Session

How to Dress for a Family Photography Session: Tips from Kelly Tareski Photography

Let's Roll!

Hey everyone! Kelly here from Kelly Tareski Photography. As a photographer, I get asked a lot about what to wear for family photo shoots. And I completely understand why! Deciding what you and your family should wear for a photography session can be a daunting task. But fear not, my friends, because I am here to help! In this blog post, I am going to share my top tips for coordinating outfits for a family photography session that will leave everyone looking fabulous and feeling confident.


Keep it Simple:

When it comes to family photography sessions, less is always more. You want to avoid busy patterns, overly bright colors or anything that distracts from the overall image. Instead, opt for simple, classic looks that stand the test of time. This means neutral colors, minimal patterns, and timeless pieces of clothing.

Coordinate, don’t match:

While you might want to match your family's outfits, it's best to coordinate your colors instead - being matchy-matchy can come across as a bit too forced-looking. Instead of everyone wearing the same color, choose a color scheme and assign different variations of that color to each family member. Doing so can create a harmonious visual aesthetic without making everyone look like clones.

Dress for the location:

Consider the location of the session when choosing your clothing. If you’re taking pictures on the beach, consider wearing lighter colors, as the beach provides a bright backdrop that can wash out darker colors. Conversely, if you are shooting in a fall setting with dark browns and golden hues, start by considering muted tones like earthy greens and soft pinks. Choose colors that will complement the background and season and think about clothing that will match the terrain.


Accessories can add a lot of personality to an image. Scarves, jewelry, and hats are a great way to add color, texture, and interest to your outfits. Don't be afraid to experiment. Also, don’t forget that accessories can expand to include things like shoes, belts, and suspenders.

Be comfortable:

The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable! If you’re not comfortable in your clothing, it's going to show in your photos. Ensure that your clothing fits well and is something you would usually wear. You want to look like yourself instead of feeling constrained. The more comfortable and relaxed you are in your clothing the more natural your photographs will look.

That's a Wrap!

So there you have it - my tips for coordinating outfits for a family photography session. I hope these tips help you and your family feel more comfortable and confident during your session. Remember, the aim is to be comfy and happy and to showcase your family’s personality as it is. Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun, bond together, and create those precious memories to cherish for years to come. If you have any other tips or ideas to add, please feel free to leave them in the comments!