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Boudoir photography is an extraordinary gift for the people we love. These photos accentuate and define what we think it means to be sexy. Whether preparing for Valentines Day or looking to give your future groom something to remember, Kelly Tareski Photography offers exceptional quality service.

What is boudoir photography?

The boudoir refers to a woman’s bedroom or dressing area. It is an intimate space filled with the items that others rarely see. For this reason, the term carries a sort of forbidden aura. Most people will never see your bedroom unless you genuinely want them to.

The term for this sanctuary carries over to boudoir photography. Images are taken in provocative poses and lingerie show off your more sensitive side. They make a perfect gift for your significant other.

One of the most common gifts a bride gives her groom on her wedding day is boudoir photos. Whereas the formal dress, pomp, and circumstance create a special time to share with family and friends, these images hint at the night to come.

Wedding photography requires attention to detail. Boudoir photography requires intimate knowledge of the artistic capabilities of the human form. A pose does not always foreshadow.

Kelly Tareski Photography works with clients to create images that they can be proud of sharing with their partners and even others. Our principal photographer and namesake artist work with your vision and understanding to create a romantic final product.

We specialize in serving the needs of our clientele. This includes finding the scenarios you feel work best. Our work takes us outdoors in the dead of winter, to classic American scenes, or to more traditional spaces. The voyage is yours to create, we help you get there.

Our gifted makeup artist prepares every new customer for their photo shoot and our scene designer understands the power of perception. Each helped us obtain multiple awards over the past three years.

Do I need to get undressed for a boudoir photo shoot?

This photography is respectful. It is not as risky as creating less classy portraits. Instead, the photographer aims for a professional atmosphere where you can relax and be yourself without going beyond the hint of the physical form.

Customers are in the lingerie or nightgowns, but this does not make boudoir photography raunchy. It is meant to be a thoughtful and intimate gift for those that you love. Other art forms exploit instead of promoting the human form.

We understand the difference and avidly work with our subjects to produce the best shareable artwork possible. Our client’s needs are satisfied with makeup to printing. As Kelly Tareski herself notes, every client is exceptional, and we strive to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

A boudoir session is a time to rejoice in your physical form. These images provide the perfect gift for a romantic interest and are commonly given out by the bride to her groom on wedding days. Get in touch to find out how boudoir photography can bring your relationship to the next level.

Spokane WA Boudoir Photography

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