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Five Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos - Spokane Edition

I love taking outdoor photos as a photographer based out of sunny Spokane, Washington. From golden sunsets to lush meadows full of wildflowers — there is something truly magical about capturing life in its natural state. Whether you're new to photography or an experienced pro, I want to share five tips to help you create the most stunning outdoor shots! Life moves quickly, and so do the weather conditions...but by following my five strategies, you can turn any landscape into memorable photos that will last for years. Let these simple tricks give your lessons from Mother Nature a little boost, and polish them until they are picture-perfect!

Find the best light – Early morning or late evening are always your best bet for outdoor photography.

The golden hours of photography – early morning and late evening – are where you'll find the most magical light. It's when the sun sits low in the sky, casting long, soft shadows and a warm, glowing hue over everything it touches. The light is easier to work with during these times, which is why so many photographers swear by them. It makes your subjects look more beautiful and adds an extra dimension to your photos that can't be achieved during the harsh midday sun. So if you want to capture stunning outdoor shots, make sure to time your shoots accordingly and seek out the best light of the day.

Choose a good backdrop - Look for interesting textures, natural elements, and colors.

When it comes to professional photography, having a suitable backdrop can make all the difference. At Kelly Tareski Photography, you'll find the perfect setting for any photo shoot on their gorgeous five-acre studio grounds. From the fascinating textures to the natural elements and colors, this picturesque location offers everything you could ask for. Your photo shoot will be stunningly unique and captivating with the diverse options available. Whether you're capturing memories with your loved ones or taking professional headshots, the beauty of the backdrop will enhance the overall quality of your photos. Choosing the right setting is key, and at Kelly Tareski Photography, it's easily done.

Use natural props - Utilize trees, flowers, rocks, and other natural elements in the area.

When capturing stunning photographs, natural props can truly enhance the beauty and uniqueness of any shot. At Kelly Tareski Photography, you'll be surrounded by three vast acres of stunning flower gardens. With flowers ranging from vibrant sunflowers to delicate wildflowers, there's no shortage of natural props to take advantage of. But it's not just the flowers you can use to your advantage. The rocks, trees, and other natural elements make the perfect addition to your photographs. Whether you're a professional photographer or just taking photos for fun, these natural props will add an extra level of depth and beauty to your shots, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Move around – Don't be afraid to move around and get creative with your shots! Get closer to the ground or higher on a ladder or nearby tree branch.

At Kelly Tareski Photography, there are so many outdoor venues to choose from, so why not take advantage of them? Don't be afraid to move around and get creative with your shots. Get closer to the ground for a unique perspective, or climb up a ladder or nearby tree branch for a higher angle. You can capture striking images that truly showcase your subject by exploring different vantage points. Whether working with a group or taking portraits, experimenting with different camera angles can add a new dimension to your work. So get out there and let your imagination run wild!

Utilize shadows – Using shadows can be a great way to add depth to an image and create drama in a scene.

Have you ever considered utilizing shadows in your photography? Shadows can enhance an image by creating depth and adding drama to a scene. With the proper lighting, shadows can transform a plain and ordinary background into a captivating visual display. Whether taking portraits, landscapes, or still-life photography, incorporating shadows can help you bring your creativity to life. By playing with the contrast of light and dark, you can create a sense of mood and mystery within your photos. So why not explore the possibilities of utilizing shadows in your next shoot? The results may surprise you!

That's a Wrap!

As a photographer, I constantly learn and reevaluate how I create my images. When shooting outdoors, the possibilities are endless, and it's crucial to take advantage of the natural light and use the environment to your fullest potential. By following the steps outlined above, you can take complete control over your outdoor photography sessions and create beautiful and captivating images every single time! If you ever need assistance with your outdoor photography session, contact Kelly Tareski Photography today. Through our combined knowledge and experience, you can be sure that I will be able to help capture a moment in time that is truly unique and powerful!

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