How to Offer Competitive Pricing as a Photographer

How to Offer Competitive Pricing as a Photographer

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Hi there! I’m Kelly from Kelly Tareski Photography, and one of the most important aspects of running my photography business is pricing. The photography industry has a multitude of genres, each with a diverse range of customers and pricing structures. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned professional, offering competitive pricing can be difficult. In this blog post, I will be discussing the different pricing structures for photography genres and how the pricing market has changed over the last year. Additionally, I will be sharing my tips for researching the local competition and national markets. So, let's dive in!

The Breakdown

First, let's break down the different pricing structures for photography genres. The most common pricing structures in the industry are hourly, session fees, packages, and a la carte pricing. Hourly pricing is most commonly used for events like weddings or corporate events, and clients pay the photographer an hourly rate for their time. Session fees are a fixed cost for the photographer's time and talent and are most commonly used for portrait photography. Packages can include a mix of products, such as digital images, prints, or albums, and are a great way to provide clients with value. A la carte pricing allows clients to pick and choose what products or digital images they want to purchase and is a good fit for those who want to control their own budget.

A Market in Flux

The pricing market has changed over the last year due to the fallout from the Covid-19 lockdowns. More photographers have begun offering virtual sessions, creating contactless methods for delivering images, and lowering their prices to stay competitive. Additionally, with more people having lost their jobs or being on a reduced income, price has become a more significant factor in determining which photographer to hire. Therefore, photographers have had to adjust their pricing to meet the new market demands.

Research is Key

So, how can you offer competitive pricing as a photographer? Start by researching your local competition and their pricing structures. Look for pricing similarities and differences between photographers in your area and determine what makes you stand out. After analyzing the local market, research national markets to see what pricing is common for photographers with similar experience levels to your own.

Photography Services You Offer.

When determining your pricing structure, decide what services you want to offer and create pricing that provides value to your clients while also meeting your financial needs. Be honest with yourself about your experience level, and adjust your pricing as you gain more experience.

Set Clear Expectations

Another important tip is to be transparent about what your clients can expect for the price. Explain what is included in a session or package and what can be added on for additional costs. This clear communication will help build trust with your clients and create positive experiences during their time with you.

That's a Wrap.

Pricing can be a challenging aspect of running a photography business, but it’s important to offer competitive prices that provide customers with value. By researching your competition's national pricing norms and being transparent about your pricing structure, you can create a pricing system that works best for you and your clients. Don't forget that as you gain more experience, it’s essential to adjust your pricing accordingly. Good luck, and happy pricing!

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