Boudoir Photographer Spokane

Boudoir Photograper Spokane

So you’re interested in Boudoir Photography? I applaud you for taking this first step of exploring options!

It is also been my experience that this is where a whole bunch of self-doubt starts to kick in. I would love to do this but I need to lose 10 lbs. I would love to do this when my kids are a little older. My hair needs to be longer, I have too many wrinkles:I get it. Truly I do, but you need to ask yourself this. Would you like to feel sexy? Appreciated? Ravishing? Amazing? Beautiful? Strong? Stunning? Gorgeous? Empowered? Would you like your husband to have an un-forgettable gift? Would you like to put a little spark back in your relationship? IF you answered yes to any (and I mean ANY) of these questions then NOW is the time for you to book a Boudoir Session with Kelly Tareski Photography!

There is no better time than now. It is not your job to look perfect for a Boudoir Photography session with me, leave that up to my stylist. Take the plunge and do it for yourself and or your partner. Our hair and makeup artists will make you look stunning. You will look and feel amazing. And you WILL walk away feeling absolutely wonderful. How can you know that you ask? Well because it happens every single time. Without exception.

We have set up and built a one-of-a-kind studio/venue specifically for Boudoir and Glamor photography that has no equal in Spokane. A setting that is a unique blend of rustic and romantic for you to immerse yourself into and let the magic happen.

Here are five simple reasons to book your session now. Remember, It’s not about nudity. It’s about creating a theater of the mind.

  1. Lights, hair, makeup:having a professional photographer set you up in a lush, sexy setting with professional hair and makeup will make you feel confident, beautiful and powerful even before the camera comes out.
  2. Waiting to lose 10 lbs is just wasting time you could have spent feeling beautiful. Believe me:you are beautiful and amazing NOW.
  3. A photo album full of gorgeous photos of you is all your man wants ever. Trust me.
  4. You deserve it for you. It is more valuable than you might realize. Every woman deserves to feel strong, sexy, confident. If you don’t plan on doing a boudoir session as a gift, do it for yourself. You will enjoy the session and you will adore the photos. You will never look at yourself the same again. I am not changing how you look, just enhancing how beautiful you already are.
  5. It will boost your confidence! And you will feel to how you felt on another special day like your wedding day, for example. You rocked that dress like no other and have the photos to prove it. It’s the same with boudoir. I will help you pick the right attire and our professional hairstylists and makeup artists will work their magic and you will feel like a diva:very sexy and strong. And it’s a feeling that doesn’t go away. Just like if you remember a special day like prom or your wedding when you look back on those experiences, the feeling is still there. That is how boudoir is, as well. It’s a special treat that will bring you joy for a lifetime.

Boudoir Photographer Spokane

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Boudoir Photographer Spokane

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