Outdoor Senior Portrait Photography Style Spokane Washington

Outdoor Senior Portrait Photography Style Spokane Washington

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Hello there! I'm Kelly from Kelly Tareski Photography, and there's nothing I love more than capturing the spirit and personality of high school seniors through my lens. In beautiful Spokane, Washington, senior portraits have a unique flavor, especially when taken outdoors. The Outdoor Senior Portrait Photography Style isn't just about taking pictures outside; it's about embracing the beauty of nature and the individuality of each senior to create something truly unforgettable. Let me take you through why our studio is the perfect choice for your senior portraits.

What Is the Outdoor Senior Portrait Photography Style?

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Outdoor Senior Portrait Photography is an art form that combines the stunning backdrop of the great outdoors with the vibrant energy of youth. In Spokane, we're blessed with breathtaking landscapes that provide a natural canvas for these important milestones. Unlike studio photography, outdoor portraits capture the essence of a senior's personality in a more relaxed and organic setting. We use natural lighting to our advantage, creating a soft, flattering look that complements the unique features of each individual. Picture yourself amidst lush greenery or the rustic charm of Spokane's natural beauty; it's about creating images that are not just photographs but memories etched in time.

Kelly Tareski Photography Studios and Gardens

Outside the studios

Nestled just outside of Spokane, in Nine Mile Falls,  Kelly Tareski Photography Studios is a dream location for outdoor senior portraits. Spanning over three acres, our gardens offer an array of natural settings. From the serene vineyard, blooming with life in spring, to the rustic charm of our barn walls and fences, every corner tells a story. The beauty of our outdoor studio is its diversity – whether you're looking for a whimsical fairy tale vibe among the flowers or a bold, adventurous feel in the wooded areas, we have it all.

Inside the Studios

But what if the weather doesn't cooperate? No worries! We also boast five indoor studios, each designed to mimic various outdoor settings. This flexibility ensures that no matter the weather, your senior portrait session goes uninterrupted. Our indoor studios range from modern and chic to classic and vintage, accommodating every style preference. This unique combination of indoor and outdoor options guarantees a personalized experience tailored to reflect your individuality.

Why Choose Kelly Tareski Photography for Outdoor Portraits

Choosing the right photographer for your senior portraits is crucial, and at Kelly Tareski Photography, we understand that. We don't just take photos; we create an experience. Our team is skilled in making each session comfortable and fun, allowing your true personality to shine through. Our expertise in utilizing natural light and landscapes ensures that your photos are not only beautiful but also timeless.

The picturesque environment acts as the perfect backdrop, reflecting the essence of Spokane and its natural beauty. We take pride in offering a variety of settings within our vast gardens, ensuring that each portrait is as unique as the senior in it. Plus, with years of experience, we know exactly how to capture those candid moments that showcase your true self, making your senior portraits genuinely one-of-a-kind.

That’s a Wrap

As your high school journey nears its end, it's time to capture the moment in a way that you'll cherish forever. At Kelly Tareski Photography, we're not just taking a picture; we're capturing a milestone. Our commitment to creating a comfortable, personalized experience ensures that your senior portraits will be as unique and memorable as you are.

Let’s do This!

Don't let these moments slip away. Whether you're envisioning a whimsical outdoor session amidst the beauty surrounding Spokane or a stylish indoor shoot, we are here to make it happen. Contact Kelly Tareski Photography today for a consultation, and let's start the journey of capturing your story in the most beautiful way possible. We're excited to work with you to create stunning, timeless portraits that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

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