Why I Love My Garden Space for Portrait Photography

Why I Love My Garden Space for Portrait Photography

Why I Love My Garden Space for Portrait Photography - Greetings to all you photo enthusiasts and memory collectors! I'm Kelly from Kelly Tareski Photography, your go-to gal for capturing moments that are worth more than a thousand words – or 'likes' in the social media parlance. Today, I'm going to let you in on my secret garden. Not the Frances Hodgson Burnett kind, though it's just as magical. I'm talking about my three-acre garden space, where I shoot many of my photography sessions. This sprawling green haven, located right here in Nine Mile Falls, is my absolute favorite place to shoot, and here's why.

Let's Roll!

Firstly, the diversity. I have more backdrops than a Marvel movie. We're talking lush greenery, rustic barn walls, a vintage truck, an authentic vineyard, and even a 1950's warehouse wall. It's like Mother Nature and Hollywood had a baby. And let me tell you, this baby delivers. Whether you want to channel your inner Scarlett O'Hara with a sweeping landscape shot or get all James Dean in front of the vintage truck, there's a backdrop for every mood, style, and fantasy.


Secondly, the lighting. Now, I don't want to throw shade at indoor studios, but nothing beats natural light for creating photographs that radiate warmth and authenticity. In my garden, sunlight filters through the trees, creating a soft, diffused glow that's more flattering than any Instagram filter. And when the golden hour hits? Well, let's just say it's like the gods of photography decided to hold a light show in my backyard.


Thirdly, the sense of peace. My garden is an oasis of calm amidst the bustle of Spokane. It's like stepping into a Van Gogh painting - minus the ear-chopping madness, of course. The tranquil ambiance helps clients relax and be themselves, which shines through in the final shots. After all, genuine smiles are more contagious than yawns at a sleep symposium.

Joy and Serenity

But the best part? The joy it brings to my clients. Seeing their faces light up when they step into my garden, watching them interact with the different settings, and witnessing the transformation as they relax and start having fun – these are the moments that make my job worthwhile. It's like being a fairy godmother, but instead of turning pumpkins into carriages, I turn moments into memories.

That's a Wrap!

In conclusion, my three-acre garden isn't just a space; it's a character in the story of each photograph. It's a chameleon that adapts to the mood and style of each client, a stage that sets the scene for the story to unfold, and a sanctuary that allows people to reveal their true selves. And that, my friends, is why I love shooting in my garden.

So next time you're thinking about a photo session, think beyond the usual studio setup. Come to my garden, and let's create some magic. Because in the world of photography, a picture taken in a Tareski garden is worth more than just a thousand 'likes' – it's priceless.

Until next time, keep those smiles real, and those poses fabulous!

Why I Love My Garden Space for Portrait Photography

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