The Ultimate Guide for a Family Photo Shoot

Ultimate Survival Guide for a Family Photo Shoot

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Family Photo Shoot Without Losing Your Mind (or Your Cool)

Ultimate Guide for a Family Photo Shoot

Ah, family photography sessions! The perfect opportunity to capture your loving clan in all its chaotic glory. Picture-perfect smiles, matching outfits, and children who never misbehave. But fear not, dear reader, for we have compiled the ultimate guide to surviving a family photography session without losing your mind (or your cool). So sit back, relax, and let us help you navigate the treacherous waters of family photoshoots with humor, wit, and just a touch of sarcasm.

Preparation is Key (or How to Avoid a Meltdown)

First things first: prepare yourself mentally for the Herculean task ahead. This is not for the faint of heart. You will need to muster all your patience, determination, and negotiation skills. Think of it as a peacekeeping mission – one where your sanity is at stake.

Before the session, have a family meeting to discuss everyone's expectations and desires. This is an excellent time to remind your children that bribes, threats, and blackmail are all acceptable forms of persuasion. Just kidding... or are we?

Dress for Success (or at least for Instagram Likes)

Choosing the perfect outfits for your family photoshoot can be a daunting task. Remember that scene from 'The Incredibles where Edna Mode adamantly refuses to design capes for superheroes? Well, that's you now – the ultimate fashion authority for your family.

Try to coordinate colors and styles without looking like you've just stepped out of a Sears catalog from the 90s. And for heaven's sake, avoid anything that will make you cringe in 20 years. We're looking at you, neon leg warmers and parachute pants.

Pack Your Bag of Tricks (and Snacks)

A well-stocked bag of tricks (and snacks) is essential for surviving a family photography session. Pack everything you might need, including but not limited to bribery candy, stain-removing wipes, tissues, a tranquilizer dart gun (just in case), and enough snacks to feed a small army.

Maintaining Enthusiasm and Energy (or How to Pretend You're Enjoying This)

We get it – wrangling your family for a photoshoot can feel like herding cats. But maintaining enthusiasm and energy throughout the session is crucial. If necessary, channel your inner cheerleader and break out those high kicks and jazz hands. Remember, the photographer is there to capture your family's essence, so try not to look like you'd rather be anywhere else.

Making the Most of Your Time (or How to Avoid Going into Overtime and Paying Extra Fees)

Time is of the essence during a family photography session. To avoid going into overtime (and racking up extra fees), make sure everyone arrives on time, well-fed, and relatively clean. Consider running a military-style drill beforehand to ensure maximum efficiency.

Handling Post-Session Previews (or How to Choose Which Photos Will Make the Cut)

Once the session is over and you've successfully avoided any major meltdowns (congratulations!), it's time to review the photos and choose which ones will make the cut. Remember that these images will likely grace the walls of your home for years to come, so choose wisely.

As you scroll through the previews, remember to laugh at the outtakes where little Timmy is picking his nose or Cousin Sally has a mouthful of food. These are the memories that truly capture the essence of family life.

Dear reader, we hope this guide has provided you with some useful tips (and a few laughs) as you embark on your family photography session adventure. Remember, the key to Success is preparation, patience, and a healthy dose of humor. And if all else fails, there's always Photoshop.


Now a bit on the serious side. You've booked your session, and now it's time to wrangle the troops.


Here are Seven Essential Ways to Prepare for Your Family Photography Session at Kelly Tareski Photography's Nine Mile Falls Studio

  1. Coordinate Outfits:

    Choose clothing that complements each family member's style and color preferences. Opt for coordinating colors and patterns rather than identical outfits. Consider the studio's outdoor environment and select clothing that works well with the natural surroundings.

  2. Plan Hairstyles and Makeup:

    Ensure everyone's hair is styled to make them feel comfortable and confident. For makeup, opt for a natural look that enhances each person's features without appearing too heavy or overdone.

  3. Bring Props to Personalize the Session:

    Consider bringing meaningful items or props representing your family's interests and hobbies, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, or favorite toys. These items can add a personal touch to your photos and showcase your family's unique personality.

  4. Check Weather and Lighting Conditions:

    Keep an eye on the weather forecast leading to your session and dress accordingly. Layered clothing is ideal for unpredictable weather conditions. Also, consider the time of day and lighting requirements for optimal results – Kelly Tareski Photography will guide you on the best time for your session.

  5. Pack Snacks and Drinks:

    Bring snacks and drinks to keep everyone comfortable and energized throughout the session. Choose non-messy, easy-to-carry options like granola bars, fruit, and bottled water to avoid accidents or spills.

  6. Prepare for Fun and Relaxation:

    Talk to your family about the upcoming session and emphasize the importance of having fun and relaxing during the shoot. This will help create a positive atmosphere and encourage genuine smiles and interactions.

  7. Communicate with Kelly Tareski Photography:

    Before your session, discuss your expectations, preferences, and any specific shots or poses you'd like to capture with Kelly Tareski Photography. This will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Following these seven essential tips will prepare you for a successful and fun family photography session at Kelly Tareski Photography's Nine Mile Falls Studio. Enjoy the experience and create lasting memories with your loved ones!


Ultimate Guide for a Family Photo Shoot

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