Professional Headshots in the Fall at KTP

Professional Headshots in the Fall at KTP

Let's Roll!

Hey there, business owners! Kelly Tareski here, excited to share with you the joys of professional headshots during the fall season at my photography studio. As the leaves start to change, the gardens at Kelly Tareski Photography transform into a captivating canvas of colors, providing the perfect backdrop for your headshot. Not only that, but with four indoor studios, including a vintage cabin studio, we can offer you a cozy and comfortable place to take your headshot. And let's not forget our full hair and makeup studio on-site! Trust us; you'll look fabulous.

Acres of Outdoor Venues

First things first, let's talk about the magnificent three-acre gardens at Kelly Tareski Photography. As the fall season brings out the vibrant colors of the leaves, the gardens reflect your beauty in an exceptional way. Imagine standing in front of a tree with orange and yellow hues and capturing that perfect headshot. Or perhaps leaning against our rustic wooden fence with red and brown leaves behind you. The possibilities are endless, and the outcome is always breathtaking.

Four Indoor Studios

But if the outdoors isn't your preference, no worries at all. We have four indoor studios to accommodate your needs, and each tells a different story. Our vintage cabin studio is a favorite amongst many, featuring wooden walls and a cozy atmosphere that'll put a smile on your face. The industrial studio, on the other hand, boasts metallic surfaces and an edgy vibe that's sure to level up your headshot game. And let's not forget about our two additional studios that offer a minimalist look or an elegant touch.

Hair and Makeup

Now, let's talk about the finishing touch that will take your headshot to the next level- hair and makeup. Yes, we have a full hair and makeup studio on-site, and our stylists are top-notch. We'll pamper you and create the perfect look that brings out your personality. We believe that a smart headshot is not just about the clothes you wear or your smile; it's about feeling confident in your skin. And with our hair and makeup added to your session, you'll look and feel like a superstar.

That's a Wrap!

Overall, at Kelly Tareski Photography, we take pride in creating professional, compelling headshots for business owners. And with the fall season around the corner, we have the perfect backdrop to create those warm, vibrant visuals that are sure to be eye-catching. Remember, when it comes to headshots, it's about capturing your unique style and personality. So, why not come down to our studio and let us help you create the perfect headshot for you and your business?