Senior Pictures for Central Valley High School

Senior Pictures for Central Valley High School

Senior Pictures for Central Valley High School


Get Ready to Strike a Pose: Kelly Tareski Photography Takes Central Valley High School Seniors on a Wild Ride at Her Studio in Nine Mile Falls!

Hey, Central Valley High School seniors, are you ready to make memories that will last a lifetime? It's time to put on your best smile, unleash your inner superstar, and let Kelly Tareski Photography capture the essence of your senior year. With her infectious energy and passion for fun, Kelly knows how to turn an ordinary photo shoot into an extraordinary experience that will leave you laughing, dancing, and feeling like a total rockstar.


Picture this: You step into Kelly Tareski's vibrant studio in Nine Mile Falls, and the excitement builds. The walls are adorned with stunning images showcasing the incredible talent of Kelly and her team. The atmosphere is electric, filled with anticipation and the promise of a photoshoot like no other.

Get ready!

As you prepare to strike a pose, Kelly's warm and friendly nature instantly puts you at ease. Gone are the days of stiff, awkward poses. With Kelly, it's all about having fun, being yourself, and letting your true personality shine through. Get ready for a wild ride of laughter, silliness, and unforgettable moments.

Your Style!

One of the best things about getting your senior pictures done at Kelly Tareski Photography is the opportunity to showcase your unique style and interests. Kelly encourages you to bring along props that reflect your passions and hobbies. Are you a sports fanatic? Grab your jersey, and let's shoot some action-packed poses. Are you a music lover? Bring your guitar or drumsticks, and let the music take you to a whole new level. The possibilities are endless, and the more you bring of yourself to the shoot, the more epic and personalized your senior pictures will be.

Endless creativity!

But the fun doesn't stop at the props. Kelly's studio is a playground of creativity where the magic happens. From vibrant backdrops to funky lighting setups, she creates an environment bursting with energy and color. With each click of the camera, she captures those candid moments, those bursts of laughter, and those genuine smiles that genuinely represent who you are.

Amazing outdoor venues!

And let's not forget about the fabulous outdoor locations that Kelly Tareski Photography has up her sleeve, with five acres of on-site venues and four indoor studios. Imagine twirling in a field of wildflowers, striking a pose against a rustic barn, or dancing in the golden glow of a magical sunset. These outdoor venues will take your senior pictures to new heights and add that extra touch of adventure and whimsy.

After the shoot

But the fun doesn't end once the photoshoot is over. Kelly Tareski Photography offers a range of products to showcase your stunning senior portraits. The options are endless, from high-quality prints that you can proudly display on your walls to custom-designed albums that tell the story of your senior year. These tangible souvenirs will remind you of this exciting chapter in your life and bring a smile to your face for years to come.

What are you waiting for?

So, Central Valley High School seniors, get ready to embark on a photoshoot experience like no other. With Kelly Tareski Photography, you'll create memories that are as vibrant, bold, and fun as you are. Let your personality shine, embrace the laughter, and prepare for a wild ride of senior pictures that make you feel like a superstar. This is your time to shine, so grab your props, strike a pose, and let the magic happen!

Senior Pictures for Central Valley High School


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