Vogue Boudoir Photography in Spokane Washington

Vogue Boudoir Photography in Spokane Washington

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Let's Roll!

Hello, ladies! Are you in search of a professional and experienced photographer who can capture your beauty and sensuality with Vogue-style boudoir photography? Then you're in the right place! I'm Kelly Tareski, a boudoir photographer with over 20 years of experience in the field. My expertise and passion for boudoir photography have earned me many awards, including Associate Level accreditation and multiple Portrait Master awards. In this blog post, I would like to share with you all about my amazing studio in Spokane, Washington, where you can experience the best of Vogue boudoir photography.

Let's Talk about the Vogue Boudoir Photography Style

Vogue boudoir photography is all about capturing the essence of a woman's beauty and sensuality in a glamorous and sophisticated way. It combines the art of fashion photography with intimate boudoir poses to create stunning and empowering images. The goal of Vogue boudoir photography is to make every woman feel confident, beautiful, and empowered through their photos.

At my studio in Nine Mile Falls, Washington, I specialize in creating Vogue boudoir photography that celebrates and empowers women. My team and I work closely with our clients to create a personalized and unique experience that captures their individual beauty and style.

Amazing on the Inside

My studio features five indoor boudoir studios that are specially designed to provide you with the perfect ambiance and setting for your boudoir shots. The Old Cabin Studio has a rustic feel with wooden walls and vintage furniture, perfect for a cozy and intimate shoot. The Grey Studio is modern and chic, with industrial finishes and natural light that creates a gorgeous setting for your boudoir session. The White Studio is bright and airy, with white walls and minimalistic furniture, giving a sophisticated and timeless feel to your photos. The Apothecary Studio features a unique gothic vibe with red walls, dark furniture, and a bold atmosphere that brings out your sensuality. Finally, the brand-new Greenhouse Studio has stunning natural light that adds softness and ethereal beauty to your photos.

Amazing on the Outside

But it doesn't stop there. My studio also features five acres of outdoor venues, including an old vintage truck that creates a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The flower garden adds a romantic and whimsical touch, and the old warehouse gate venue is perfect for those looking for an edgier and more graphic feel to their boudoir shots. Each outdoor location is handpicked to provide the perfect setting that complements your style and personality.

Amazing in the Chair

To make your boudoir session even more special, we have a full-service Hair and Makeup Studio on-site with experienced professionals to make sure you look flawless and stunning in your photos. Our goal is to make you feel pampered and gorgeous, giving you the confidence and empowerment you deserve from your boudoir experience. We also offer a variety of wardrobe options, including lingerie and robes, to help you feel comfortable and beautiful during your session.

That's a Wrap!

If you're looking for a professional and experienced boudoir photographer in Spokane, Washington, look no further than Kelly Tareski Photography. With five indoor boudoir studios, five acres of outdoor venues, and a full-service Hair and Makeup Studio, our studio is designed to give you the ultimate boudoir experience. Contact us today for a consultation and let us capture your beauty and sensuality with Vogue boudoir photography that will last a lifetime.

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