Professional Headshots for Realtors in Spokane Washington

Professional Headshots for Realtors in Spokane Washington

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Lets Roll!

As a professional photographer, I understand the importance of headshots for real estate agents. In today’s digital world, having an incredible headshot is crucial for establishing professional credibility with prospective clients. In Spokane, Washington, I’m proud to offer my expertise in capturing stunning headshots for realtors. At Kelly Tareski Photography, we provide four indoor studios and beautiful outdoor venues to create the ideal setting for your headshot. Our team strives to provide agents with the most professional, stylish, and timeless headshots. In this blog post, I’ll be showcasing my unique studio spaces and our breathtaking outdoor venues.

The White Studio

With natural light pouring in from large windows, the White Studio is perfect for creating bright and lively headshots. The neutral walls provide a clean background, and the room is equipped with comfortable chairs, plants, and furniture to create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s an incredible space for those who are looking for minimalistic and modern headshots.

The Grey Studio

The Grey Studio, with its muted walls and stunning features, is an excellent option for creating a cozy atmosphere in a headshot. It offers a calm environment that brings out the best in your personality, creating comfortable and vibrant headshots for any real estate agent. The studio is decorated with cozy furniture, and it’s an incredible space for those who want a welcoming and relaxed vibe.

The Vintage Cabin Studio

Our Vintage Cabin Studio is a beautiful rustic studio with wooden walls, vintage furniture, and handicrafts that create an exciting backdrop for your headshots. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an authentic Pacific Northwest feel for your headshots. The studio features an incredible chandelier, antique props, fireplaces, and vintage paintings, making it an excellent space for creating unique headshots for all types of real estate agents.

The Apothecary Studio

The Apothecary Studio is a unique room decorated with vintage medicine bottles and elegant furniture, making it the perfect spot for creating creative and stylish headshots. The studio offers WOW features, such as drapery and flooring, that provide an incredibly luxurious look. For those looking for sophistication and elegance, this studio is a must-see.

Amazing Outdoor Venues

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we have three acres of gardens and beautiful outdoor venues, including an industrial venue, a vintage 1947 truck, and a Barn Wall, among others, to create breathtaking outdoor headshots for realtors. The outdoor spaces are beautifully landscaped, providing stunning scenery that enhances any real estate agent’s headshot.

That's a Wrap!

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we understand the importance of creating timeless and memorable headshots for real estate agents in Spokane Washington. Our unique indoor studios and breathtaking outdoor spaces offer flexible and versatile options to create the perfect setting for any headshot. We work diligently to create beautiful and long-lasting headshots, ensuring that your business image is professional, stylish, and timeless. We invite all real estate agents to come and experience the Kelly Tareski Photography difference. Contact us for headshot bookings and make your first impressions last a lifetime.