Professional Headshots for Doctors in Spokane

Professional Headshots for Doctors in Spokane

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Let's Roll!

As a professional photographer, I understand the importance of a great headshot. For doctors, a professional headshot is more than just a photo. It's a representation of their expertise and their commitment to their patients. That's why I, Kelly Tareski, the photographer for Kelly Tareski Photography, specialize in capturing the perfect headshot for doctors in Spokane, Washington.

Outdoor Venues

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we offer a wide variety of outdoor and indoor venues to get the perfect headshot for Doctors. With three acres of beautiful gardens and industrial venues to choose from, we can create a backdrop that perfectly suits your profession. Whether you are looking for a nature-filled background or an industrial look to contrast your white coat, we've got you covered.

Indoor Studios

We also offer four indoor studios designed to create different moods and styles. The Dark Grey Studio is great for moody and powerful headshots, while the White Studio is perfect for light and whimsical headshots. The Vintage Cabin Studio is ideal for achieving that vintage look. Lastly, the Apothecary Studio is the right place for an old-world charm shoot. Each studio had been designed carefully to match the tone and feel of your practice and personality.

Hair and Makeup

Our team of professionals knows that hair and makeup are just as important as the right outfit and backdrop. We provide an on-site Hair and Makeup studio that will bring your best features to the forefront, making sure you look and feel confident. Our makeup artists and hair stylists will work with you to ensure that everything is perfect before we start capturing your stunning headshots.

We get it. You're busy!

We know that doctors have a busy schedule, so we make scheduling a photo session easy. You can make an appointment through our website and choose the location, or you can schedule our team to come to your office and set up a professional studio right there. We strive to make the process as convenient and stress-free for you as possible.

Post Processing

After your session, we personally curate your images and retouch them to perfection. We understand that doctors want to present a professional and polished image, so we take great care in making sure every detail is just right. Once your photos are ready, we will deliver them to you digitally or in print form, whichever you prefer.

Whole Office Sessions

We also offer group sessions for practices with multiple doctors. This is a great way to save time and money while still getting high-quality headshots for everyone in your practice. Our team will work with each individual to make sure their images reflect their unique style and personality while still maintaining a cohesive look for your practice's website or marketing materials.

Let Your Personality Shine

We believe that headshots shouldn't just be a standard, generic photo. We encourage our clients to let their personalities shine through in their headshots. This helps patients feel more connected and at ease when they see your photo on your website or in the office. Our team will work with you to capture the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability.

That's a Wrap!

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we understand the importance of headshots in the professional world, especially for doctors. That is why we have the ideal venues, studios, and team to capture your perfect headshot. Book an appointment today so you will always have the perfect headshot at your fingertips. Let us help you show your patients that you are worth the trust they place in you.

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