Senior Pictures for Colville WA

Senior Pictures for Colville WA

Senior Pictures for Colville WA


The Call

Calling all Colville seniors! Get ready for a senior picture experience that will have you jumping with excitement and capturing memories that will make your heart sing. Kelly Tareski Photography is here to take you on a wild ride at her fabulous studio in Nine Mile Falls. Prepare for a fun-filled adventure that will leave you with stunning senior pictures and memories to last a lifetime.


Picture this: You walk into Kelly Tareski's vibrant studio, and the energy is contagious. The walls are adorned with breathtaking images that showcase the talent and creativity of Kelly and her team. It's a visual feast that instantly pumps you for your senior picture extravaganza.


With her infectious enthusiasm and fun-loving nature, Kelly knows how to create an atmosphere that is both relaxed and exciting. Say goodbye to awkward poses and hello to a photoshoot filled with laughter, silliness, and genuine moments. She'll make you feel like a superstar from the moment you step in front of the camera, encouraging you to let your true personality shine.

Your Style

One of the best things about getting your senior pictures done at Kelly Tareski Photography is the opportunity to infuse your style and interests into the shoot. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, an aspiring musician, or a bookworm, Kelly will work with you to incorporate your passions and hobbies. Bring your basketball, guitar, or a stack of your favorite books and let them be part of your senior pictures. It's all about showcasing what makes you unique and capturing those unique aspects of your personality.

Amazing Outdoor Venues

But the fun doesn't stop at her indoor studios. Kelly and her husband have created an oasis of outdoor venues on their five-acre studio—just a short drive from the Colville in Nine Mile Falls. You will find many Enchanted gardens, live vineyards, and vintage venues. The barn wall, old blue truck, and industrial venues are trendy for Seniors. Kelly Tareski Photography even has a beautiful barn built just for the Honey Bees!

After the Shoot

And let's not forget about the fantastic products that Kelly Tareski Photography offers to showcase your stunning senior portraits. From high-quality prints you can proudly display on your walls to custom-designed albums that tell the story of your senior year, these keepsakes will be treasured mementos you'll cherish forever. Imagine flipping through your senior yearbook with beautiful images that capture your personality, dreams, and achievements. It's a tangible reminder of this incredible chapter of your life.


But the experience doesn't end with the click of the camera. Kelly's dedication to her clients shines through in every aspect of the process. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, she is committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. She'll guide you through the entire process, from choosing the perfect outfits to finding the ideal locations, ensuring that every detail is covered. Her goal is to make you feel comfortable, confident, and at ease so your senior pictures genuinely reflect who you are.

Book now! Don't wait

So, Colville seniors, get ready for an adventure like no other. Kelly Tareski Photography is here to capture the essence of your senior year, freeze those special moments, and create images that will make you say, "Wow!" Embrace the fun, let your personality shine, and get ready for a senior picture experience that will leave you with memories to treasure for a lifetime. This is your moment to shine, so grab your props, strike a pose, and let Kelly Tareski work her magic!


Senior Pictures for Colville WA

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