How to Expand Your Photography Service Offerings

How to Expand Your Photography Service Offerings

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Hello, it's Kelly from Kelly Tareski Photography here, and I would like to talk about expanding your photography service offerings. As a photography business owner, you might have started your business specializing in a particular genre of photography, but it's essential to expand your services to cater to different clients' needs. Expanding your services not only opens up new opportunities for your business but also ensures clients stay with you for the long term. In this blog post, I'll share some insights into expanding your photography service offerings and how to find the best services that fit your style.

Senior Portraits:

Senior portraits are an excellent genre for expanding your photography services. Teens graduating from high school need to commemorate their accomplishments. Offering senior portraits ensures you capture their memories beautifully. A senior portrait session can be a perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and style. When planning senior portrait sessions, discuss ideas with the client to create a unique experience. Discuss clothing, props, and location options to create a personalized look. When meeting clients for their senior portrait sessions, ensure you display enthusiasm and energy, as they’ll likely be nervous.

Family Portraits:

Family portraits are always in high demand, regardless of the season. Unlike senior portraits, family portraits don’t need high creativity; instead, They emphasize capturing special moments for each family member and showcasing their personalities. You'll need to create a relaxed and comforting atmosphere for clients to feel comfortable and at ease. Use poses that make family members feel connected and comfortable. You might need to provide tips such as clothing choices and location suggestions.

Boudoir Photography:

Boudoir photography is an ideal genre to diversify your services, but it's not for all photographers. Boudoir photography means capturing female subjects in lingerie or minimal clothing to capture their beauty and confidence. This genre relies heavily on the client and the photographer's connection, so you must create a comfortable environment to create trust. Discuss the client's goals and ideas for the session and give them tips for hair, makeup, and clothing choices.

Commercial Photography:

Commercial photography focuses on photos that aim at selling a product or service. As a commercial photographer, you'll use branding, marketing, and artistic skills to make a product look appealing to its consumers. Branding and Commercial Photography involves paying special attention to the product's details to highlight its features. A commercial photographer must be versatile and interactive in their services. It would be best to have a clear understanding of the client's expectations, which enables you to create the right atmosphere for the product.

That's a Wrap!

Expanding your photography service offerings not only adds revenue to the business but also establishes your expertise and professionalism in the field. Remember, always research and practice before offering new services, as each genre of photography comes with unique challenges. I hope this blog post inspires you to start expanding and helps you on your journey to becoming a successful photography business owner.

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