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The Difference between Glamour and Boudoir Photography- Spokane

The Difference between Glamour and Boudoir Photography- Spokane


Glamour photography is an art form that captures individuals' beauty, confidence, and allure in a sophisticated and stylish manner. And when it comes to glamour photography in Spokane, one name stands out: Kelly Tareski Photography.

Kelly Tareski is a highly skilled and experienced photographer known for bringing out the best in her subjects. Her keen eye for detail and creativity creates stunning images that exude elegance and sophistication. Whether it's capturing a model's grace or highlighting an individual's unique features, Kelly's work is always impeccable.


What sets Kelly Tareski Photography apart is the exceptional quality of her photographs and the personalized experience she offers her clients. She takes the time to understand their vision, preferences, and desired outcome, ensuring that every photo shoot is tailored to their specific needs. From choosing the perfect location to guiding wardrobe and styling, Kelly goes above and beyond to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for her clients.


With a passion for capturing the essence of each person she photographs, Kelly Tareski produces timeless and captivating images. Her attention to detail, artistic flair, and technical expertise make her the go-to photographer for those seeking glamorous portraits in Spokane.

So, if you want to celebrate your beauty and create stunning memories, Kelly Tareski Photography is the perfect choice. Step into the world of glamour with a talented photographer who knows how to make you look and feel absolutely glamorous.

The Difference between Glamour and Boudoir Photography- Spokane

Glamour photography and boudoir photography are two popular genres that celebrate beauty, sensuality, and empowerment. While they share similarities, there are distinct differences between the two. Let's explore the contrasting features of glamour and boudoir photography to understand their unique characteristics.

Additionally, Glamour photography is about capturing the subject's elegance, allure, and sophistication. It focuses on creating polished, magazine-worthy images highlighting the individual's beauty and confidence. Glamour photography often involves professional hair and makeup styling, wardrobe selection, and meticulous attention to lighting and composition.


Glamour photography aims to produce glamorous and glamorous images that evoke a sense of luxury and high fashion. It typically involves shooting in glamorous locations or using studio setups that mimic the atmosphere of a fashion shoot. The poses in glamour photography are often more posed and editorial, emphasizing capturing the subject in flattering angles and showcasing their best features.


On the other hand, boudoir photography is more intimate and personal. It is a genre that celebrates the sensual side of individuals, often focusing on capturing images that exude intimacy, romance, and confidence. To create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, Boudoir photography sessions typically take place in a private setting, such as a bedroom or a cozy studio.

Boudoir photography aims to empower the subject by capturing their beauty, vulnerability, and inner strength. It often involves the subject wearing lingerie or other sensual outfits, focusing on capturing their natural beauty and individuality. Boudoir poses are more natural and candid, emphasizing capturing authentic moments and emotions.

What is the common ground?

While glamour photography and boudoir photography have different objectives and atmospheres, they do share some commonalities. Both genres celebrate the individual's beauty, confidence, and self-expression. They allow individuals to feel empowered, embrace their sensuality, and create stunning images they can cherish for a lifetime.


Another difference between glamour and boudoir photography lies in the intended audience. Glamour photography is often aimed at a broader audience, including commercial clients, fashion magazines, and individuals who want to capture their beauty glamorous and stylishly. It focuses on creating images suitable for public display, showcasing the subject's beauty in a refined and elegant manner.

It's Personal

Boudoir photography, on the other hand, is more personal and intimate. It is often done for private enjoyment or as a gift for a partner. Boudoir sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to express their sensuality and celebrate their unique beauty. The images produced in boudoir photography are typically more personal and may not be intended for public display.

Wrap it up

Glamour photography and boudoir photography are two distinct genres that celebrate beauty, sensuality, and empowerment. While Glamour photography creates glamorous, polished images that evoke luxury and high fashion. In contrast, boudoir photography captures the subject's intimacy, vulnerability, and confidence in a more personal and intimate way. Whether you're looking to capture your elegance and sophistication or celebrate your sensuality and individuality, both genres offer a unique and empowering experience that allows you to embrace your beauty and create stunning images that will be cherished forever.

The Difference between Glamour and Boudoir Photography- Spokane