Diversifying your Photography Session Options

Diversifying your Photography Session Options

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Hello everyone, Kelly here from Kelly Tareski Photography. Being a professional photographer for over a decade, I've learned that having a diverse range of photography session options helps me create a better income stream. Offering more sessions to your clients not only increases your business revenue but also adds variety to your photography repertoire. In this blog post, I will explore the advantages of diversifying your photography session options and showcase some of the different genres you can offer.


One genre that has a high profit margin but requires an investment in equipment and expertise is weddings. Wedding photography brings in significant revenue as couples search for an artist to capture their special day. From engagement photos to the big-day photos, it is crucial to ensure that your equipment level is up to par with the industry. Diversifying to this niche adds a high-income stream option to your business.

Family Photography:

Another great way to diversify your business is by offering family photography sessions. Instead of only focusing on individuals, family portraits are a great way to capture precious memories. Not only do family sessions help increase your income stream, but they increase customer loyalty, as satisfied customers refer their friends and family.

Commercial and Fashion Photography:

Commercial and fashion photography requires both technical and artistic skills. These categories are perfect for photographers who enjoy editorial-style shoots. Rebranding businesses collaborating with models and clothing companies are all real-world applications for this type of photography. These sessions are in demand globally, and adding this option to your business provides a vast income stream.

Food & Product Photography:

Another genre that can be added to diversify your business is food and product photography. Companies of all shapes and sizes have been on the lookout for quality product photographers to showcase their products for social media and other online platforms. With business needing to thrive online, adding this genre can help boost your revenue streams.

Event Photography:

Lastly, event photography is another genre you can explore when looking to expand your photography session options. Event photography usually involves individual portraits, group portraits, and candid shots. As an event photographer, you must capture the mood and ambiance of the gathering. Adding this type of session can increase your streams of income while also boosting your exposure across social media and referral chains.

That's a Wrap!

Diversifying your photography session options is more than just making more money. It provides you with fresh inspiration and allows you to stretch your creative abilities out of your comfort photography genre. Offering a wider range of sessions to your clients helps bring in more revenue while pleasing more of your customer base. Be mindful of the gear limitations of each session and only commit to what you can excel at. Offering an extensive array of options will help you stand out in the competitive photography market, helping you create a sustainable and successful photography business.

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