Senior Pictures for Mead High School

Senior Pictures for Mead High School

Senior Pictures for Mead High School

Attention, Mead High School Seniors! Listen up because I've got some excellent news for you. If you want senior portraits that blow your socks off and capture your true essence, look no further than Kelly Tareski Photography. Get ready to have a blast, and here are seven reasons why you should choose Kelly for your senior portraits:

1. Unleash Your Inner Supermodel:

Are you ready to strike a pose and work that camera like a pro? Kelly Tareski knows all the tricks to make you look like a superstar. With her guidance, you'll confidently channel your inner Gigi Hadid or David Beckham and rock those photos. Get ready to slay like a top model!

2. Picture-Perfect Location:

Say goodbye to dull, cookie-cutter backgrounds and hello to jaw-dropping settings that will transport you to a world of wonder! From vibrant urban landscapes to breathtaking natural scenery, Kelly Tareski Photography has all you need at her five-acre studio in Nine Mile Falls. Prepare for an epic adventure as you explore unique venues that reflect your style and add a touch of magic to your senior portraits.

3. Props to You:

Want to add a touch of your unique personality to your portraits? Kelly has a fantastic collection of props and accessories that will make your photos pop. Whether you're a sports fanatic, a bookworm, or a fashionista, she's got the perfect props to highlight your passions and make your portraits totally YOU-nique!

4. Fun and Laughter:

Guaranteed: Who says photoshoots have to be serious and stuffy? Not with Kelly Tareski! She knows how to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that will have you laughing and enjoying every moment. Say goodbye to awkward poses and hello to genuine smiles and contagious laughter. Get ready for a photo shoot that feels like hanging out with your best friend!

5. Show Off Your Style:

Your senior portraits are all about showcasing your unique style and personality. And Kelly Tareski gets that. She'll work with you to create a totally on-point look that reflects your individuality. From outfit choices to creative poses, she'll make sure you're looking fresh, fly, and fabulous!

6. Picture-Perfect Memories:

These senior portraits aren't just photos – they're memories that will last a lifetime. Kelly Tareski is a master at capturing those special moments that make you who you are. From your infectious smile to your mischievous personality, she'll freeze those memories in time so you can cherish them forever. Get ready to relive the magic whenever you look at your portraits.

7. The Ultimate Confidence Boost:

Getting your senior portraits done by Kelly Tareski is more than just taking pictures. It's an experience that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a total rockstar. She'll bring out your best features, highlight your strengths, and make you feel like the most fantastic version of yourself. Get ready to shine bright like a diamond!


So, Mead High School Seniors, the time is now! Choose Kelly Tareski Photography for your senior portraits, and prepare for an unforgettable experience. From fabulous locations to killer poses, she'll capture your true essence and create images that will make you say, "Dang, I look good!" Embrace the fun, the laughter, and the memories – because this is your time to shine!

More about Kelly Tareski Photography

It's a Milestone

Senior year is a milestone filled with bittersweet moments and exciting transitions. As Mead High School seniors in Washington prepare to embark on their next chapter, capturing this significant time in their lives is crucial. Kelly Tareski Photography, located in Nine Mile Falls, offers a creative and professional approach to senior pictures, ensuring that each student's unique personality and accomplishments are beautifully preserved.

Unmatched Talent

Kelly Tareski, a renowned photographer known for her expertise in capturing authentic moments, takes senior photography to new heights. With her artistic vision and genuine passion for storytelling, Kelly creates senior pictures that are both timeless and expressive. Her ability to connect with her clients and create a comfortable environment allows seniors to relax and be themselves, resulting in portraits that truly reflect their individuality.

Key Location

Located just a short distance from Mead High School, Kelly Tareski's studio in Nine Mile Falls provides a convenient and inviting setting for senior pictures. The studio offers a versatile space where lighting, backdrops, and props can be customized to match each senior's style and preferences. The possibilities are endless, from classic and sophisticated to bold and contemporary, ensuring every senior's vision is brought to life.

Senior Pictures for Mead High School


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