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Wedding Photographer San Luis ObispoFind a wedding photographer San Luis Obispo at Applemoon Photography. There, you can meet Maren and Michael Brajkovich, a couple who loves to take pictures and specializes in wedding photography. Their ability to keep their clients comfortable through good rapport  enables them to take the best pictures. Visit our website to learn more and to find out how you can contact them.  

No matter how grand or simple your wedding, you should always budget for a wedding photographer San Luis Obispo so you can have beautiful pictures to pass on to your children. Don’t worry—you can always scrimp and save on other items and resources. For example, you can make your own wedding dress or have your family cook the meals. You can even forgo table settings and just settle for something natural. But a professional wedding photographer is irreplaceable. The best ones can capture the most important moments of your special day, giving you priceless memories you can cherish forever. 
According to expert wedding planners, a wedding photographer is a non-negotiable. The rule of thumb is to devote 10% of your entire wedding budget for a photographer. You should also look for and book a photographer ASAP, about a year or at least 6 months before your wedding date.
If you have no idea where to get a good wedding photographer, you can ask from family and friends and even caterers or venue managers. You can also look online and read reviews. During your search, keep in mind important factors for choosing a photographer like your budget, availability, packages, and photography style.
Call Applemoon Photography is you need a wedding photographer San Luis Obispo on your special day. Our photographers Maren and Michael are highly experienced in wedding and engagement photography. You can view their past work and see comments from previous clients here on our website. You may also call Applemoon Photography for inquiries at (805) 727 3686.
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