VIP tailgates

Tailgating is halfway through its second century of existence in the American culture. The first recorded American tailgate took place in 1869, at the Rutger vs. Princeton game. The pre-party feature is archetypical and as important as the actual football game.

This steep celebratory piece has a dramatic improvement on the game. The best part of tailgating is you can take it up a notch by adding some VIP context. VIP tailgates are a central networking spot.

This spot is where you form formidable relationships with hardcore fans who travel across cities to support their favorite team. Exclusive Event Experiences seeks to ensure that these fans will reminisce the steak, drinks, and luxury just as much as the game, for several preceding years.

What is unique about our VIP tailgates?

  • Three Arena Club packages
  • Three-hour pregame tailgates
  • Affordable rates
  • Reservation option of the cabana and Hi-Top table

What to expect at a VIP tailgate

Fine dining

The core of a great tailgate is the food. Grilling eateries is a quintessential part of the event. You should enjoy juicy grills of chicken and burbling wine drinks at an excellent VIP pregame setup. Exclusive Event Experiences works with award-winning Chicago Culinary Kitchen to give our VIP clientele fresh, sumptuous, and aromatic barbeques. You can enjoy wine selections from our official providers Bota Box, or an array of Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, and Champagne.

VIP guests enjoy the undivided attention of a hostess throughout the tailgating session and access to premium bars, drinks, and hand-rolled cigars. In contrast to the regular seats at tailgates, VIP setups have cabanas and lounges reserved for the more apt packages.

VIP transportation

One way to honor our clientele is to reduce their hassle of booking flights and arranging their transportation to the game. Additionally, you can bring a group of twenty or more people to an event and not worry about the consolidation along the way. Our Windy City Limousine service will pick you from any nearby location for a quick check to the tailgate event.

Fans from farther locations in the United States will get a round trip package and limousine services from the airport. The private shuttle accommodates a bigger group of people to and from the stadium locations.

Distant fans who wish to spend the night preceding the game in Chicago will have exquisite accommodation at Hyatt Regency. Local fans can drive up to the game and have access to the parking lot when they purchase an extra parking pass.


Stirring the fighting spirit has a lot to do with the tailgate setup. It is much more fun to grill about the games, with the accompaniment of exciting music performance, and food. The game stories will be more intriguing when you are talking with a former top player in attendance.

Keep your memories alive with highly customizable photo services of the Magic Mirror photo booth. The booths have the fun of the traditional models and all the technicalities and aesthetics of a modern one. The large-sized TVs are a great alternative to the more social networking setups. Talk to us for a quote on the individual or group pass that maintains the same VIP treatment.  

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VIP tailgates

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