Bull Hill Guest Ranch Ultimate Weekend

August 9th-12th

Are you getting excited for your Ultimate Weekend at Bull Hill Guest Ranch? We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

We have set up this exclusive Ultimate Weekend page on my website to get you ready for your big adventure!

We have changed things up a bit from the original concept. Initially, we were going to have individual "portrait sessions" with hair and makeup. With the amount of response that the Ultimate Weekend generated we soon discovered that there was no way to get to everyone in the amount of time we had. We decided to take more of a photo-journalistic approach and provide mini-sessions to everyone. This way we could capture the whole weekend for everyone and be able to share it with you all. 

With that being said, we wanted to touch base with you to give an idea of some of the fabulous "min-shoots" we have been planning for you during your Ultimate Weekend. This way you can plan ahead on which ones you would like to participate in and pack a couple extra items in your suitcase. 

Mini-Shoot # 1 Sexy Silhouettes

Friday, Aug 10 6:30 am - 8:30 am

We will be shooting this in the barn loft. 

Wardrobe: Think form-fitting clothing to show off your beautiful curves. This could be as simple as your jeans with a fitted t-shirt or tank top. 

Step it up a notch and bring a dress that hugs your body nicely.

If you want to push the sexy vibe even further pick up  dress/skirt that has a thin sheer fabric so when shot as a silhouette it will be semi see through. 

Mini Shoot # 2 Wrangler Round-Up

Saturday, Aug 11 7:00 am - 8:30 am


We will be shooting this by the old barn and fence. Most likely we are going to have a little fun with the newest wrangler at the ranch, Tony. 

Wardrobe: Can be your clothes you just wore on your ride. Dirt, sweat and all! 

Or you can throw on a pretty sundress or just a pretty little summer top with your jeans. The sky's the limit with your wardrobe on this shoot. 

Mini Shoot # 3 Watering Hole

Saturday, Aug 11 Noon - 2:30 pm

We are going to shoot this fun session at the big round water trough. Yes ladies you are going to ge wet for this one!

Wardrobe: Think "Daisy Dukes" cut off shorts or you can wear swimsuit bottoms. Your shirt should be a form-fitting white or black t-shirt or tank top. Don't forget to wear /bring your cowboy hats!

Mini Shoot # 4 Golden Hour

Thursday,  Aug 9  5:00 pm-7:00 pm

We will shoot this closer to the cookhouse along the rail fence to capture the big barn in the background.  We plan to shoot this around the dinner hour while everyone is gathering for chow.  This will also be the time we take a large group shot of everyone for that one of a kind special shot.

Wardrobe: Whatever you want! Throw on a summer dress, wear your cowgirl gear or shorts and a t-shirt. The most important thing to remember is, if you feel good in what you are wearing, you will feel good in front of my camera!

Your Takeaway

In addition to these fun-filled mini shoots, myself and my second shooter Tanner will be capturing as much of your shenanigans throughout the weekend. From morning yoga at the lake to chilling at the cookhouse and everything in between.

We are excited to tell you that everyone who participates in our mini shoots will receive a complimentary portrait ($150 value) from this Ultimate Weekend event. Make plans to participate in one or all four mini shoots. We will have tons of fun and we guarantee lots of laughs. Fill your “water” bottle with your favorite libation and join us on  these mini shootouts.

Additional Opportunitities

We have also put together a great keepsake that is available for purchase that you will cherish for years to come. Our special edition branded Bull Hill Guest Ranch Ultimate Weekend 4 x 6 Folio Box.  It will contain approx. 75 images from this weekend event as well as a USB thumb drive that will have all the images on it for sharing on your social network.  The Folio Box will have photos from the entire weekend's events. Those who have chosen to purchase a Folio Box and have participated in the mini-shoots will have bonus images from their sessions.  The picture included does not do them justice, so we will bring a sample with us to the event, so you can see the beauty and quality for yourself.  You can pre-purchase these now at a discounted price of $400 or during the Ultimate Weekend event for $600. 

Last but not least, we will have available for purchase Limited Edition prints of your very handsome Wranglers: Tucker, Brent, Joe and Hunter.

Finally The End!

On behalf of Tanner and myself, we are excited to help you fully enjoy your Ultimate Weekend at Bull Hill Guest Ranch.

See you all soon.

Kelly Tareski


Questions about The Ultimate Weekend? 

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