Newborn Photography Vancouver

Newborn Photography Vancouver

Newborn photography has many surprises, especially when you are not prepared with extensive information and a supportive circle. Luckily, Charlotte is an experienced photographer who has mastered the tricks of the craft and can make everything easy. This guideline should help you understand everything about newborn photography in Vancouver BC, and how we put together the most important details.

What is newborn baby photography?

Deluxe and classic

Our Vancouver baby photographer offers two different kinds of newborn photography, and each serves different reasons. Both sessions should capture the newborn’s essence, hence should be within the first two weeks of birth. Typically, newborn photos are shots of the baby when they are in their most relaxed positions, such as sleeping.

The Deluxe newborn photoshoot session allows parents and siblings to appear in the shoot, while the classic shoot only captures the baby. The deluxe session is more expensive and will take a little more time and effort to plan and edit. The favorite thing about it is that there is a lot more flexibility in customizing the setup and capturing natural, classic or any other shoot.

Prepare the shoot

How does it work, and what can you expect? The posed newborn session is just as strenuous as any other shoot; because you have to put together the fits, pick a theme, and many more considerations. The good news is we handle every technical detail of the shoot and can help you choose the backdrop. Some things we must prepare for include:

  • A professional baby photographer near me prepares the lens and camera settings to capture all the details, with up-close and personal highlights; professional shoots must capture the newborn’s feature, in contrast to a normal HD phone camera.
  • Most newborn shoots have a simple background to eliminate clutter and focus on the very delicate details of the baby.

Flexible inspiration

Newborn shoot inspirations are everywhere online. It is a great idea to express your ideas to us and work with the current setting to enhance the shoot. We believe the best shoots are uncontrolled and can be a spur of the moment. Sometimes we let the natural light inspire the theme, such as timing the shoot to let in natural light through the window. Leave it to us to set up and use a warm and natural lighting so your baby is both safe and well illuminated.

Setting up the props

One of the biggest mistakes when setting up a newborn’s shoot is using too many props simultaneously. The result is a mini-panic where you do not know what to use and cannot stick to a few consistent newborn photography ideas in Vancouver.

Including the siblings

Vancouver newborn photographers may make the siblings a top priority, especially if they are toddlers or babies. Toddlers do not have enough attention span to last one more hour in the shoot or be open to a second shoot session. Trust us with the responsibility of planning a smooth shoot for your entire family, mainly when you communicate all necessary details in advance. Call 604-317-8126 or contact Charlotte online today for a consultation or booking a shoot.


Newborn Photography Vancouver

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