Newborn Photographers Colorado Springs

Newborn Photographers Colorado SpringsNewborn photographs can make for an excellent gift once your child is grown up. It can also be used as an invitation for your child’s upcoming birthday party, baptismal, naming ceremony, or christening. Newborn photographers Colorado Springs do an excellent job of capturing your little one at his cutest. View our online portfolio from our website to get inspired for your baby’s photoshoot.  

Newborn photography is an artistic form of portraiture that preserves the baby’s first few days in beautiful pictures that are meant to last a long time. You can contact one of the most reputable and experienced newborn photographers Colorado Springs to arrange your newborn child’s first photo session. As parents, you also need to do your part in preparing your baby for his or her first shoot. Here are tips that can help you out.
Remember: Safety First!
It may be tempting to make your baby pose creatively with fluffy and cute props, but photographers would like to prioritize your baby’s safety before putting theirs and your own creativity in action. Start with simple poses, too, and make sure that you are ready to provide assistance to hold your child. If you are in the picture, the photographer can post-process the photograph to remove you there and make it appear like your baby is the one posing by himself.
Plan Way Ahead of Time
Bring your baby’s baby lotion, burp cloths, baby wipes, and diapers. Use the lotion to moisturize the baby’s dry skin. The moisture can make the baby’s skin look more supple, soft, and smooth in photos, and it can help the photographer save time retouching the pictures.
Look up poses that you want your baby to do. List them down or save the images for inspiration. Show them to the photographer before the shoot.
Choose the Right Photographer
Be sure to work with one of the best newborn photographers Colorado Springs like Jennifer McCandless. She specializes in newborns and babies, as well as in maternity photography. Check out her creative and custom photography services in this website or schedule a photo session for your newborn by calling 719-638-4298. You can view her portfolio here.