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Event spaces are diverse spaces that you can play around with when getting ready for your event. They fit a wide range of activities from conferences to parties and even meetings. At Alejandro Design Studio, we offer a one-stop full-service event space near Overland Park that caters to all your event needs.

What to consider when choosing an event space?

Choosing the right space plays a huge role in the overall success of your event. This decision should be the first to look into before considering anything else when planning for an event. Take your guests’ expectations and tastes into consideration when choosing an event space, somewhere they will resonate with and be more comfortable in. It should also have a stellar reputation with its previous clients.

When it comes to pricing, consider whether you will be able to accommodate your guests in the space comfortably. Make sure you factor in the services included in the package, like parking, security, catering, and so on. Having the option of an all-inclusive package drastically cuts costs as compared to procuring services from different suppliers.  Being flexible with the date and day of your event could also bring down the prices significantly.

Benefits of hiring an indoor event space in Overland Park

When it comes to the best area for an event, indoor spaces beat outdoor hands down. This is because of the amount of control and say you get to have with the environment you chose. Some of the controllable factors that make this the best option are:

  • Weather – indoor spaces remove the uncertainty that comes with unpredictable weather conditions. With an indoor space, the weather is not a factor.
  • Comfort – indoor spaces guarantee your guests comfortable features like central heating and cooling.
  • Reduced costs – indoor spaces come with many facilities that you would otherwise have to rent when using outdoor spaces. These include restrooms, sound and lighting equipment, and adequate power.
  • Security – it is easier to assure your guests of security in indoor spaces. These spaces reduce the probability of an uninvited guest wandering into the event.  
  • Décor – you get the option of decorating the event to your taste in an indoor space.  

Can I book an event space for a business meeting?

Yes. Many small businesses lack suitable places to hold meetings. If you want a space to build your relationship with your employees, pitch a service to your customers, or even share your company’s vision, contact us. One of the main benefits our event space offers your business is the flexibility to decide the when and where of your training or offsite strategy building events.

We have the size to accommodate most, if not all your events, in a convenient location. We also offer better facilities, all at a more affordable cost than other corporate alternatives. Contact Alejandro Design Studio today for all your event space in Overland Park needs! We guarantee professionalism, vision, and impeccable services to satisfy even the most pretentious preferences.

Event Space Overland Park

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