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Kelly Tareski Photography offers a unique one of a kind venue with a multitude of studio and backdrop options in one beautiful location. From old vehicles to handmade backdrops, the diversity of settings and studios will appeal to everyone. Kelly Tareski Photography’s venue is in a quiet rural area just a few minutes west of Spokane City limits providing a stress-free and relaxing environment that will have you wondering what happened to the time. The variety of backdrops and settings are second to none and are designed to meet even the most discerning of tastes. Feel free to peruse the galleries to get a feel of the settings and props that will be available to help us create that one-of-a-kind family memory or the most unique senior portrait in the yearbook.

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About Tanner

Creative Consultant

Father, Husband, Veteran, Photographer

My love for photography started out as a hobby and matured into a passion when I was 12
years old. I started with the guidance of my mom Kelly, reading books, and teaching myself
with a 35mm film camera.

As a Photographer and Creative Consultant, my role is to make sure you are the best looking version of yourself. When you are here, my job is to make sure you are comfortable with how you look and most of all, how you feel. From studio layout and venues to making sure your outfit is on point and your best side is showing, I am here to help make the most of your experience.

My name is Tanner and it is my mission to provide outstanding support and creativity to ensure an excellent experience for each and every client.

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