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Year Round Photography for Seniors

Being a senior is exciting. It is your final year in high school, as you prepare to transition to the next adventure in your life. You’re thinking about a thousand things, from applying to colleges, playing on your favorite team, and acing your classes, to spending time with your friends and making memories.
You are also probably trying to figure out the best time to take your senior portraits on Spokane. Kelly Tareski Photography suggests that you can schedule your senior portraits nearly year round. However, photographing sessions scheduled in spring and fall, about two hours before sunset, are among her favorite, because of the combination of perfect weather and gorgeous sunsets.

When scheduling your senior portraits in Spokane, the following suggestions could help you pick a perfect time to get them taken:

It is usually very cold, except for a few days when temperatures can reach the 60’s or 70’s. There are no leaves or flowers on the trees for a part or nature setting, but there is plenty of snow for those who don’t mind that background. Otherwise, most portraits during this time are taken indoors or in urban settings.

The period between April and June is one of the best times of the year for your senior portraits.
In April and May, seniors tend to get busy with end of year activities, plus there is little time to get the portraits printed in time for graduation announcements, unless you pay extra for faster processing. But if you have the time, you can get a variety of warm and cold weather looks.

June is the best time for seniors to make daytime appointments because they are out of school for summer. The weather in June is also lovely, and the outdoor settings magnificent with plenty of green grass, trees full of leaves, and blossoming flowers.

The July/August period is also great for senior portraits, since the outdoor backgrounds are filled with beautiful summer colors. This is the perfect time to shoot of you love the heat, and prefer to wear shorts and a tank top. The afternoons can get very hot though.

Autumn is also a great time for shooting senior portraits in Spokane. It is neither too hot nor too cold, though athletes may be tied up in September.
October – November is the busiest time of the year for senior and family portraits, owing to the cool weather and nice outdoor backgrounds, comprising red, yellow, and brown colors of the fall leaves. 

Senior Portraits Spokane

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