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Without a doubt, a having a baby will change your life forever. The last trimester of your pregnancy you will feel uncomfortable, irritable and puffy. It is however, a time in your life that you should feel the most beautiful, feminine and strong. You are bringing new life, a new beginning and growing your family. Celebrate this momentous occasion and capture it forever with a Maternity Photography Session with Kelly Tareski Photography. We will spend two hours together focusing on you. We will capture that uniquely you moment that you will adorn your family room wall for a lifetime. Check out the 10 reasons you should consider a Maternity session below the gallery. Live, Laugh, Love!

Ten reasons to consider a Maternity Photography Session with Kelly Tareski Photography:


1. You are beautiful!

You may look in the mirror and see nothing but the baby bump., You may feel tired, sore and generally uncomfortable but what we see is completely different. We see a beautiful woman bringing a new life into the world, with a gorgeous little child growing inside of her. Pregnancy is a thing of beauty, an engineering marvel and a source of awe and amazement for many. Undoubtedly some women will feel envious and jealous of you too, remembering what a special time pregnancy was and/or wishing they were in your shoes! You will only be pregnant a few times (if that) in your entire life. No matter if you think you look far from glowing or glamourous, we can easily draw out the beauty, love and femininity of pregnancy – you may just surprise yourself.

2. There’s no need to worry about your belly.

If you didn’t feel comfortable with your belly before you were pregnant, now you can show it off knowing that it looks beautifully round. A pregnant belly is stunning and perhaps for the first time in a while, you have a chance to flaunt your belly and feel proud about it! Maternity photography can make you look gorgeous, elegant and glowing. Many pregnant women say that one thing they love about being pregnant is that they are less self-conscious about the weight on their belly, working wonders for confidence levels.

3. Oh…The memories!

You might be unsure about it now, but if you don’t have a Maternity Photography session while you’re pregnant, you’ve lost the chance to create a once in a lifetime memory to pass down to your child. It is critical that you capture this moment in time. You may not feel wonderful about it now but when you sit down with your grown children 10 years from now you will relish the memories and have the opportunity to share this most beautiful time of your life, and theirs with them.

4. It’s just plain fun!

It’s time to let your hair down, expose some skin and celebrate! I take great pride in providing a fun and engaging Maternity Photography experience for not only you but your family as well. We will take the time to get just the right shot that will adorn your wall for the rest of your life.

5. Let’s get creative.

We will spend some time getting creative and planning your experience together. In addition to that my studio is fully stocked with beautiful maternity dresses and accessories in just the right colors for any preference. We will find just the right combination to make your Maternity Photography session uniquely you and wonderful.

6. A chance to bond with your partner.

It can be harder for a dad-to-be to bond with an unborn baby, since the baby is growing inside of you, moving inside you, having hiccups inside of you – and not him. You might feel all warm and fuzzy when those things happen, but he can’t feel it so he may not understand how wonderful it is. But putting dad in the picture during your Maternity Photography session can help him bond with baby a bit more and it gives him some special memories of his own.

7.It’s a great time to get siblings involved.

If you have children already, include them in the session. They may feel really special by being in some of your maternity photos, hugging your belly, kissing your belly – showing their love, bonding with baby. It can help them to feel that they are an important part of the process too. Some children may feel apprehensive about changes coming – what it will mean for them when the baby comes. Pregnancy photos with your older child(ren) is a nice way to put a fun and exciting touch to your family that is changing and growing.

8. Professional photography is so much better than home shots!

Yes, you could just take images at home, or get them done by a friend or family member who has a kit camera. But a professional Maternity Photographer can create a work of art, taking into consideration the best angles, lighting, effects, focus and depth – we can totally transform what would otherwise be just a shot of you, into a story, a feeling, a work of art. We will produce heirloom quality works of art that you will be proud to display on your wall for generations. Great photos make great presents too!

9. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

What is the value of a timeless piece of art? Many people associate professional photography high price tag, but it truly isn’t the case. Considering how much we might spend on a wedding day, a maternity photo shoot, which is just as memorable, costs a fraction of that. That said, you need to weigh cost and quality. You do generally get what you pay for. It is essential that you consider quality over cost, experience over economy. Do you really want to put one of the most memorable times of your life in the hands of someone who is a hobbyist, just because they are “cheap”. There are photographers like myself that have dedicated a lifetime to their art. That lifetime of learning and creating is brought to you in the form of a piece of art you can cherish for a lifetime.

10. Once it’s gone…It’s gone!

There are only a few months in your life, per baby, that you’ll have a glorious noticeable, round belly. It is imperative that we catch that moment in time. Soon the birth is over, they’ll be starting school, going to the prom and getting married themselves. Just like your parents will tell you, those dear moments of pregnancy will be but a distant memory. Let me help you capture this most glorious time in your life.

Maternity Photography Spokane WA
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